Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Unbeknownst to her. Jordan was watching everything from the start, for he had arrived quite a while ago.

A smile tugged on the corner of his lips as he replied, “I see. Well, you can rest assured now since it wont bite you anymore.”

His statement caused Yvette’s face to turn paler as realization dawned on her.

My dogdeadMagnus had been with mfothree yearsbut it left me just like that. This is alArielle‘s fault!

Yvette glared at Arielle. will not let yooff!

In the meantime, Shandie already helped Cindy to get back on her feet.

“I’m so sorry you had to see that, Mr. Baker” uttered Cindy. “I failed to teach Arielle well. She just came back from the village.”

Jordan threw a glance at Arielle, who was not even attempting to defend herself, which sparked something within him.

Shrugging, he stated, “I heard a beautiful woman has returned to the Southalls, and she’s indeed gorgeous.”

Both Cindy and Yvette’s faces darkened upon hearing his comment.

“Well, this has been interesting, but I should take my leave now. Let’s go, Yvette. My mom has invited you to dinner.”

Without bidding goodbye to Cindy, Jordan turned and left.

Cindy didn’t mind that Jordan ignored her, though, as she watched him leave with a smile on her face. After all, she didn’t dare to show him an attitude.

On the other hand, Yvette instructed her bodyguard to bring along Magnus’ body before chasing after Jordan. “Wait for me, Mr Baker!”

Despite hearing Yvette’s call, Jordan didn’t wait for her. However, he slowed down when he passed by Arielle

Ignoring both the man and Cindy, who was calling her, Arielle entered the mansion.

Henrick was the master of the mansion. If Arielle could convince him and get on his good side, then Cindy would not be of use anymore.

Though flushed with anger, Cindy could not do anything to Arielle

In the meantime, Jordan and Yvette had arrived at the Bakers, but the man remained in the car after she hopped off

Staring at him quizzically, Yvette questioned,

“Aren’t you coming, Mr. Baker?”

Deciding not to hide it from the woman, Jordan smiled wryly before declaring. “You know, Ms. Actonward. Since there’s no one else here, I’m going to be blunt with you. I’m not done fooling around, and you’re not my type, so I dont want to get married. Before I cancel the marriage arrangement, you’d better talk to my mom about it. Otherwise, people will laugh at you if I’m the one who cancels it.”

Yvette’s face reddened as she clenched her skirt. “I don’t get it. What about me that you don’t like? You never told me you hated me before.”

The man shrugged. “Initially, I was fine with marrying anyone. After today, I realized that Im

fine with marrying anyone but you.”

Hearing that, Yvette’s flushed face instantly turned pale.

“Why? Am I lacking something? I’ll change!! swear!”

“It’s not that. I don’t want to marry a murderer,” replied Jordan as he stared at her, causing the woman to stiffen.

“Are you referring to me? When didi”

“If that dog of yours weren’t restrained, that woman would have been dead by now. I’m sure

you are aware of that.”

“I told you I didn’t order Magnus to bite her. It was the other way around.”

After hearing her explanation, Jordan completely lost his patience.

“Do not take me for a fool, Yvette.”

With that, he rolled up the window and stepped on the pedal, leaving the woman standing alone in the night breeze.

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