Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 35

The housekeepers turned to look at Yvette in shock

She is certainly spoile, but isnt this too much? This is a crime, for heaven’s sake! Poor Ms. Moore

Contrary to their expectation, instead of biting Arielle as per Yvette’s order, Magnus turned toward the latter and started at her dangerously

“Magnus. you…” Yvette trialed off, shocked by its behavior

On the other side, Arielle crouched down to feed the pit bull and waited for it to finish. When it was done, she patted Magnus leg before instructing, “Go!”

Letting out a loud bark as a response, Magnus began running toward Yvette, not to return to her but to bite her.

Upon noticing the dog’s intention, Yvette’s face lost its color as she turned around and ran as fast as she could.

Magnus chased after her while barking fiercely as if it wanted to tear Yvette apart.

The turn of events shocked the housekeepers so much that they forgot how to react even when Yvette was shouting for help.

At this moment, Cindy hastily ran out to see what was going on.

One of the housekeepers feared that the situation between Arielle and Yvette would blow up, so she went to get Cindy. Yet, when they walked out the sight of Yvette being chased by Magnus greeted them, which was confusing, as they knew that Magnus had always been obedient toward the woman

Meanwhile, Yvette had stopped running because she ran out of breath.

When Magnus caught up, it immediately bit on the corner of her skirt, causing her to lose balance and fell to the ground.

She looked utterly miserable, but it was not the time for her to worry about her image Right now, all she thought about was the threat of getting bitten by the pit bull to death. “Help!” she wailed.

Regaining her senses, Cindy frantically looked around before spotting a stone. She then picked it up and threw it toward Magnus, hitting the dog in the head.


Magnus fell to the ground but quickly got up. and this time, its attention shifted to Cindy as it charged toward her.

“Help! Somebody help me!” Cindy shouted, hiding behind the housekeeper, but the latter also ran for her life.

As if she was awaiting death, Cindy stood rooted with her eyes shut tightly.

However, when she fell to the ground, all she could feel was the dog’s weight on her body with a stream of liquid dripping on her face.

Fluttering her eyes open, the first thing she saw was a hole in the pit bull’s head. Magnus had died on her

Who shot the dog?

Her eyes instinctively darted toward a spot nearby, finding a handsome man standing there.

It was not just any man, though. It was Jordan Baker, the man with whom Yvette had a marriage arrangement.

“Mr. Baker!” Yvette called out after coming back to her senses.

Though the man was holding a silver-colored gun with both his hands, he seemed calm.

He was here because his family had forced him to invite Yvette to dinner, but he didn’t expect to encounter such an interesting scene.

And there’s also someone interesting.

Jordan retracted his gaze from Arielle and stared at Yvette with an arched brow. “If my mom finds out that your hobby is ordering your dog to bite others, she will definitely fancy you more,” uttered the man sarcastically.

Yvette tumed pale after hearing his words as she quickly explained, “That’s not true, Mr. Baker. I was just taking my dog out for a walk. But that woman did something to Magnus, and before I knew it, Magnus was determined to bite me!”

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