Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 32

Chapter 32

She could not believe that there was only Twenty million worth of cash in his main account

is that all the cash flow the Southails have? Does Henrick still have some other Gard’s that I’m not aware of

Arielle dialed an overseas number and instructed “Help me investigate all the assels under the Southall family including their overseas assets.”

“All righti” her subordinate replied.

By the time Arielle arrived at the Southall residence, her subordinate had sent her a detailed email

Arielle opened it and was instantly struck dumb.

Henncks total assets, including fixed assets, were less than five hundred million.

The Maori” assets were in the billions during their heyday, yet the figure had dwindled to less than five hundred million since Henrick took

What has he done to the family wealth? Did he transfer most of the assets to Ciridy?

Arielle texted her subordinate another message: Investigate Cindy Moore’s account,

Anelle then pressed the gate bellouts de the ΠΕΗΠΕΓ.

Someone in the memor the reported this to Shandie immediately

She’s back!” Shandie’s eyes brightened looked at the young woman


This young woman was Yvette Actonward She looked like a life-sized Barbie dol as she had delicate features and lang and wavy blonde hair.

Yvette was Shandie’s cousin, and she was also voted as last year’s top socialite in Jadeborough.

The Attanwards were also one of the prominent families in Jadeborough. Yvette’s father had a close relationship with the Bakers, so he had a ranged for Yvetle to marry their eldest on when they grew up.

Knowing that she would eventually matry into the Baker fartily, Yvette had been acting williully among the socialites in ihe city.

Onc: Shandie gat home, she m edialely called Yvette over and sought her help.

Yvette stood up slowly and said, “Come, let’s go and teach her a lesson.”

Shinde asked, “What’s your plan?”

7 brought Magusowe today.” Yetie said, 1 Vicious dog willkor how la deal with a vicious b#ich.”

Planus as Yicite’s beloved lange sized it

Upon hearing that name, Shandie shuddered

“Bring Magnusover!” Yvetle ordered her bodyguard

Soon, the bodyquard, who was fully amed, brought the ürcöling put bullover

Shendie nudged Yvette and asked in fear, “Are you sure? Dad will kill me if anything bed happens to Arielle!”

Yvette pursed her lips in annoyance “Since when have you become a scaredy-cat? Tell your Dadi did it. Besides. Il anly planned to teach her a lesson, not kill her. Okay?”

Shandie took a deep breath as shwas relieved to hear that.

Well if Yvette said so, we should let klagrus

When they were about breachine datea Housekeeper walked past them and slieked after seeing Magnus

Magnus changed at her and biher ankle.

Instantly, blood seeped through her pants and started dripping all over the floor.

She could not help but scream in pain.

“Stop it! Don’t you dare hit Magnus!” Yvette warned.

The housekeeper could only look at her colleagues, hoping that they would step forth and help.

Yet, all the other housekeepers exchanged glances with others, but none of them had the courage to go up and help her.

When Yvette brought Magnus to the Southall residence in their last visit the pit bull even ghawed at one of the housekeeper’s arms.

The housekeeper continued to scream in pain and tried to defend herself by pushing the dog away

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