Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 29

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 29

Arielle responded with a shocked expression. “Oh, really? You actually have the concept of limits?”


“I’m surprised that someone who has resorted to using a venomous snake to attack others understands what the word ‘limit’ truly means,” Arielle said with a smirk. “I’m so sorry, Shandie. I’ll be more careful next time, okay?”

Just when Shandie was about to explode with rage, she somehow managed to read between the lines. She took a few steps back and asked, “You knew it? So it was you who put the snake in my room?”

Arielle responded with a grin. “Oh, calm down. I had to send it back to where it belongs. It’s yours, isn’t it?”

Shandie widened her eyes and threatened, “That’s enough! I’m going to tell Dad!”

Arielle nonchalantly nodded. “Sure. Go ahead and tell Dad about the snake. You’re the one who released it in my room first, remember?”

Shandie, who was about to dial Henrick’s number, froze instantly.

D**n it, she’s right. If I were to report her to Dad, then he’ll know what I did to her!

No. I can’t tell Dad about this.

Shandie’s eyes glowed with a towering rage. “Go to hell, b*tch!” She charged at Arielle and tried to scratch her face.

She had been wanting to disfigure Arielle’s face for a long time!

Yet unexpectedly, just when Shandie’s hand was about to reach her face, Arielle grabbed her wrist and twisted it hard. In a snap of a finger, Arielle dislocated Shandie’s wrist.

Shandie’s wrist was so weak that Arielle broke it with just a minimal force.

Arielle looked at her icily. She did not sympathize with Shandie at all.

Cindy has slapped me once, and I swore I’ll not allow her and her daughter to do that to me anymore.

Shandie was in so much pain that she almost fainted. She could not even move her wrist at all.

Shandie took a deep breath and was still in shock. She could not feel a thing with her hand at all.

Did she just snap my wrist?

Shandie gave Arielle a terrified look. She’s much petite than I am. Where did she find the strength to do that?

Don’t tell me she knows martial arts?

Shandie instantly stay away from Arielle. She turned around and shouted for help. “Mom! Arielle broke my wrist!”

“What?” Cindy was stunned. She did not know what happened between them as she was busy looking after the luggage.

The moment she saw how pallid Shandie’s face was, she shoved the luggage aside and ran toward her daughter.

“What happened?”

Tears rolled down Shandie’s cheeks. She pointed at Arielle with another hand and wailed, “She broke my wrist!”

“What?” Cindy could not believe what she heard, and she did not think Arielle had the strength to do that.

She then went up and touched Shandie’s hand gently, causing the latter to scream in excruciating pain.

Upon seeing that reaction, Cindy finally believed Arielle had broken Shandie’s hand.

She instantly picked up her phone and was ready to report Arielle to the cops.

I’m calling the cops. There’s no point telling Henrick about this. He’ll side with Arielle because of all the benefits he got from her.

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