Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 13

Chapter 13 To Be A Decent Human Being

This little b*tch is so evil. Dad’s definitely going to get rid of her. I’ll be the one and only Ms. Southall.

“Drive faster! I want to get home immediately!” Shandie urged the driver.

Soon, they arrived at the Southall residence.

The moment she stepped out of the car, she noticed that the lights in the mansion were turned on. It was as though no one was asleep.

Everyone must be worried about me. That’s why everyone’s still awake.

I’m still the precious princess of the Southalls.

With those thoughts in mind, Shandie gleefully headed toward the door.

She could imagine the way Henrick and Cindy would ask about her wellbeing once she stepped into the house.

When that happened, she would then point out to them that Arielle was most likely the one to get the snake to hurt her. That way, Arielle would have to pack her things and leave immediately.

Wait. Arielle didn’t even bring anything with her. She can just leave immediately!

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became, and the quicker she walked.

Just the mere thought of Arielle getting chased away made her giddy. At that moment, she had almost forgotten about the aches and discomfort she felt after getting poisoned and injured.


Finally, Shandie entered the living room.

The lights in the living room were all turned on, and the housekeepers were all silently standing in there. The atmosphere of the room was tense as if something bad had happened.

That was not the scene she had imagined.

“Mom, what happened?” Shandie asked Cindy, who was silent like the others.

Cindy then walked toward her, anger burning bright in her eyes.

However, she could not find it in herself to berate Shandie after seeing her daughter’s deathlike pallor. Instead, she asked, “What happened? Why are you in such a rush to leave the hospital?”

Right then, Shandie recalled what she had wanted to tell them. Ignoring the odd tension, she uttered, “Mom, I’m fine. I’m back because I have something important to tell Dad.”

A foreboding sense crept into Cindy’s heart, and she swiftly stopped her. “Let’s talk the next morning. It’s been an eventful day. We’ll talk when you recover.”

“No, Mom, I have to tell him now!”

Who knows if I’ll get another opportunity to get rid of Arielle like this next time?

I can’t wait anymore!

Shandie felt that her mother was too hesitant. At a time like this, she should be decisive.

Thus, she pushed away Cindy and headed toward Henrick.

“Dad, I have something to tell you.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Arielle with arrogant, gloating eyes.

Spotting the look in Shandie’s eyes, Arielle cocked her head, her interest piqued.

“What is it?” Henrick questioned with a glacial expression.

If Shandie admits to her mistake, I might forgive her this time.


Shandie said, “Dad, Arielle was the one to let that venomous snake into my room! She doesn’t like me, so she’s trying to kill me. She’s a wicked woman. Dad, you mustn’t keep her around!

Henrick froze. He had not expected Shandie to blame Arielle for it despite being the culprit.

How did I raise such a vicious and stupid daughter?

Hearing his silence, Shandie thought it was because he was reluctant to get rid of Arielle. Thus, she added, “Dad, you can’t give in now. She failed to kill me this time, so she’ll definitely try it again. If she has the guts to hurt me, she’ll have the courage to hurt you too!”

At that, Henrick narrowed his eyes.

Then, unable to hold himself back anymore, he raised his hand and slapped Shandie.


The loud sound reverberated in the living room.

It was much harder than the one Cindy had dealt with Shandie. Almost immediately, Shandie spat a mouthful of blood out.

Along with her blood was a white tooth.

Henrick’s slap had made her lose a tooth.

At that moment, Shandie was dumbfounded.

What… is going on?

Shouldn’t Dad be slapping Arielle? Why is he hitting me?

Shandie covered her cheek in disbelief.

Just as she was about to ask why Henrick had hit her, Cindy ran over and grabbed Shandie. “Don’t say anything. Let’s go up first.”

“No! Why do I have to go upstairs?”

Shandie was frustrated.

Breaking free from Cindy’s grasp, she spun around and questioned, “Dad, why are you hitting me? The one who’s in the wrong is clearly Arielle. Why are you standing on her side and hit me, the victim?”

“Victim? Is that who you think you are?” Rage boiling, the rest of Henrick’s words died in his throat; he could only pant in anger.

“Am I not? I was hospitalized. The doctor even said that if I were to be there a few minutes later, I wouldn’t be breathing right now!” Recalling it now still sent shudders down her spine.

Arielle’s lips curled, but the smile soon dropped. Taking a step forward, she muttered, “Shandie, why are you still refusing to speak the truth even at a time like this? Must you anger our father and give him a heart attack?”

Shandie furrowed her brows in disdain. “When did you have the right to speak in this house?”

At that, Arielle lifted a brow. “Shandie, it seems like you have no idea everyone knows how depraved you are.”

A tinge of guilt seeping into her heart, Shandie clenched her fists and stammered, “W-What do you mean?”

Arielle smiled. “You really don’t know anything, do you? Janet has told us everything. You’ve asked her to buy a venomous snake to murder me, but the snake slithered into your room from the balcony. Shandie, it’s time to lay on the bed you make.”

Upon hearing that, Shandie’s eyes widened almost comically.

Janet… betrayed me?

Abruptly, she recalled the odd tension in the air and the way Cindy kept trying to stop her from talking when she entered the house.

So they all know the truth now?

No wonder. No wonder there was a taunting look in Arielle’s eyes.

No wonder Dad slapped me.

Shandie panicked. She tugged Cindy’s sleeve and mumbled, “Mom…”

At the end of the day, Shandie was still Cindy’s daughter, and she could not help but feel upset about the situation. Pulling the younger woman into her arms, she whispered, “Stay quiet and follow me upstairs.”

Shandie finally heeded her words. She no longer made a sound as she followed her mother up the stairs.

“Stand right there!” Henrick demanded. “From now on, you’re grounded. You’re not allowed to leave your room for a month. I’ll be hiring a teacher from an etiquette school to teach you how to be a decent human being.”

Shandie took a step back in shock.

Henrick Southall was the one to decide everything in the family. Without his love and trust, Shandie might be the one to be kicked out of the family.

With that thought in mind, the colors drained from Shandie’s already pale face.

It was then she regretted doing what she did, but there was no point crying over spilled milk.

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