Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1148

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1148 A Fight

Seizing the opportunity, one of the haters wanted to hit the male fan closest to him.

However, the moment he threw his punch, it was intercepted by a small hand.

Caught by surprise, the hater lowered his gaze and saw that he was stopped by a teenager.

Instinctively, he attempted to pull his wrist out of the latter’s grasp but was shocked to find that he could not move it, no matter how hard he tried.

Looking at the teenager in disbelief, the hater suddenly wondered if there was something wrong with him. I must definitely be sick to be weaker than a child.

As Blake shoved the hater’s hand aside, he warned, “You’re not allowed to cause trouble at Ms. Moore’s restaurant!”


Infuriated, the hater used his other hand to grab Blake. However, just as he raised it, the latter expertly twisted his arm behind his back and held him down.

“Let go of me! Let go!”

Even though the hater was a high-school student, he ended up being subdued by someone who seemed younger than him.

Since he had been utterly humiliated, he decided to scream, “Help! Arielle’s fan is beating me up!”

Briefly stunned, Blake explained at once, “I’m not a fan; I’m a bodyguard—”

“A bodyguard? You’re just a kid! Do you take me for a fool?”


The outraged Blake was about to strike the hater when Arielle admonished him, “Blake! Let go of him!”

Blake always deferred to her wishes, so he released the hater despite the fury bubbling up inside him.

Unexpectedly, it caused an uproar among the haters.

“Arielle has instigated her fan to beat someone up!”

“Should we call the police?”

“Call the police! Call the police! Arielle must be arrested and thrown into prison!”

Feeling guilty for being the cause of the commotion, Blake apologized, “Ms. Moore, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. How… How about I give Boss a call?”

Only Vinson could resolve a matter like that.

Arielle frowned and did not respond as she was weighing her options.

Wouldn’t I be admitting to inciting my fan to rough the person up if I apologize? However, if I don’t, the restaurant’s business might be affected.

At that moment, the streamer from earlier came forward. “I have managed to record everything! Arielle didn’t instigate anything. Instead, it’s the hater who struck first. Luckily, that boy managed to stop him!”

He then raised his phone and added loudly, “I’m sure everyone in my audience saw what happened during my live stream. Someone must have clipped it too! You can call the police, but I have all the evidence here.”

With a darkened expression, the hater cleared his throat awkwardly.

“I… I may have made a mistake. Arielle didn’t incite her fan to start a fight.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, Arielle turned to the streamer and nodded gratefully. “Thank you.”

The latter blushed from having a beauty thank him, even though he was not a fan of Arielle.

Since he was all pumped up, he took a deep breath and declared, “Since all of you have your doubts about the food, let me try the ravioli and be the judge of it!”

Arielle agreed with it, finding it a good idea.

Coincidentally, a fresh batch of ravioli had just been cooked. While they were still piping hot, she served the streamer a bowl.

“Please give them a try.”

After nodding in acknowledgment, the streamer passed the phone to his companion and tasted the ravioli.

The very next second, his eyes sparkled. As he stuffed more of it into his mouth, he mumbled, “They’re amazing! They’re really, really delicious!”

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