Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1146

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1146 Thronged With People

For the customers whose dishes were served, they would call their friends right after tasting them.

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“Hello? Have you had lunch yet? Come over to this new restaurant called Maureen’s Kitchen at Sunflower Street. The food here is so delicious that it will blow your socks off!”

With a larger group, they could try more dishes without needing to worry about wasting any food.

Before anyone knew it, word of the restaurant spread like wildfire. The chairs in the waiting area could not accommodate everyone, causing the line to spill into the street.

Those waiting outside need not have to wait on an empty stomach, as all of them were given free samples of ravioli.

Despite the small portion of the samples, it was sufficient to keep the hunger pangs away. More importantly, it also served to increase the customers’ anticipation of the restaurant’s food.

With the kitchen firing on all cylinders, even Glenn’s apprentice in charge of cooking ravioli outside was called back in to help.

The moment he entered, Glenn asked him, “How many tables are waiting for their food? Why isn’t the number of order slips decreasing?”

His apprentice tittered and replied, “Chef Quigley, I’m afraid we’ll be busy for the rest of the day. The line has already stretched into the street. My guess is that our ingredients wouldn’t be enough, even though we have ten times more than usual.”

Since the business was going well, Glenn was in a cheerful mood and did not feel tired at all.

But it’s a stretch to say the ingredients won’t be enough.

“I highly doubt so. The number of customers would naturally reduce after lunch hour. Moreover, there would definitely be people dropping out of the line from waiting too long. Hence, the ingredients should be enough.”

Nevertheless, his initial expectation of having to waste half the ingredients was no longer coming to pass.

The orders stuck on the wall alone would consume sixty to seventy percent of the ingredients.

Alas, Glenn’s estimation was wrong again.

Cars after cars began to fill the parking lot across from the restaurant. When it was fully occupied, the crowd began parking at the roadside, willing to bear the risk of getting a ticket.

They were largely netizens who came to try Arielle’s restaurant out of curiosity.

Naturally, some of them were Arielle’s fans.

“My goddess!”

The moment the fans alighted from their cars, they saw Arielle cooking ravioli.

Coincidentally, she had just finished cooking a pot of them. The sight of the ravioli floating at the top was so adorable that no one could bring themselves to eat them.

“I’m a fan of yours, my goddess! I came over after seeing your post on Twitter!”

Many of the fans jostled against each other, eager to greet Arielle.

In the blink of an eye, a crowd had formed in front of the pot.

Even though Arielle knew that she would be able to attract some of her fans, she never expected to see so many of them. In fact, the crowd was still growing.

Fortunately, she had prepared enough ravioli for everyone.

“Thank you for coming here. I’m sure all of you are hungry after traveling all this way. Here, have some ravioli.”

Even when she spoke, she did not cease her hand movements.

The moment she drizzled the sauce over the ravioli, a heavenly aroma filled the air, which intensified the hunger of the already famished fans.

Given the huge crowd, a single pot of ravioli was insufficient. Hence, many fans who received the ravioli thoughtfully and reluctantly shared them with those who did not.

“Mmm… It’s delicious! I feel like having more!”

“My goodness, this is a magical ravioli! Did you make this yourself, my goddess?”

Nodding, Arielle replied, “It’s a recipe I formulated when I went back to Maxwell University. Although I made a few of them, the majority was prepared by our chef.”

“Wow, you’re so amazing!”

“Boohoo, I didn’t manage to eat them. My goddess, do you still have any left?”

“Please calm down; there’s more than enough to go around. It will take three minutes for the next batch to be ready. For the time being, you can get a number and come back to collect them later.”

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