Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1145

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1145 Crowded With Customers

For some reason, the sight of Arielle preparing the sauce with her fair hands made the woman salivate.

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Staring at the ravioli inside the pot, she gulped discreetly.

When the three minutes were almost up, Arielle added two bowls of cold water into the pot.

One by one, the ravioli floated to the surface of the water. It reminded the woman of toddlers swimming in a pool, making up an adorable image in her mind.

Suddenly, she could feel the appetite she had lost due to the sweltering heat return.

After adding the third bowl of water, the ravioli was finally scooped out of the pot.

The five pieces of ravioli fit perfectly in the plastic bowl.

Once the sauce was added, Arielle drizzled the ravioli with some olive oil, causing a tantalizing aroma to waft into the air.

As a result, even the woman’s boyfriend gulped.

“There you go.” Arielle served them the bowl. Grinning, she offered, “There are some chairs over there where you can sit down and enjoy the ravioli.”

“It’s fine. We can stand while we eat.” The woman smiled awkwardly in return.

Just in case the ravioli turned out to look better than it tasted, she would feel bad for taking up space when she was not going to dine at the restaurant.

Arielle nodded in acknowledgment. Aware of the woman’s concerns, she did not insist.

After walking to the side, the woman scooped up a piece of ravioli with the spoon.

The moment she took a bite, she felt a smorgasbord of flavors bursting in her mouth.

Her eyes lit up in delight, as that was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted in her life.

Instead of stopping to tell her boyfriend how delectable the ravioli was, she began wolfing them down despite the fact that they were scalding hot.

In the blink of an eye, she had eaten all five pieces of ravioli. Nonetheless, she felt it was not enough to satisfy her appetite.

Finally, her boyfriend could not resist asking, “How does it taste?”

In truth, it was a redundant question, as the woman’s expression said it all—she was on the brink of bursting into tears of joy.

Too embarrassed to ask for another free sample, she glanced at the pot and suggested, “Let’s go in and have our lunch. The food here should taste good.”

If they could turn the common ravioli into something so delicious, I have high hopes for the other dishes!

As the man was curious to find out how the food actually tasted, he nodded in agreement. Walking hand in hand, they approached Arielle and asked, “Are there any tables available? We would like to eat inside.”

“Sure, we still have tables available,” Arielle replied.

Then, she instructed Rayson, “Bring them to their table.”

“All right!” Rayson ushered them into the restaurant.

Truth be told, he was confused about what had just transpired.

Judging from the earlier situation, he knew the couple only intended to sample the free ravioli and had not meant to dine inside the restaurant. Evidently, they were not their target customers.

I wouldn’t even have invited them to try the ravioli if it were me. So, how did both of them end up deciding to dine in the restaurant? Is the ravioli really that irresistible?

Meanwhile, the foot traffic along the street began to grow.

Therefore, many passersby were attracted by the free samples.

The praises kept coming as each of them tried out the ravioli.

“I want to dine here!”

“Mom, I want more ravioli!”

“Shall we go in and try?”

More and more people decided to eat in the restaurant after trying out the ravioli.

Soon, the tables in the restaurant were fully occupied. Many people were also sitting on the chairs in the waiting area with eager expressions.

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