Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1144

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 1144 Opening Of The New Branch

Meanwhile, a couple was strolling along the street and discussing what to have for lunch.

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“How about Jetroinian food?” the man suggested. “Since it’s so hot, I don’t feel like eating local cuisine. Why don’t we have Jetroinian dishes instead?”

His girlfriend shook her head. “I don’t enjoy foreign cuisine. But the hot weather has indeed killed my appetite; I don’t feel like having anything.”

“That won’t do!” Furrowing his brows, the man added, “We still need to have lunch, especially since you barely had anything for breakfast. Why don’t we find a restaurant? At the very least, you should grab a bite to eat. Or else, you might end up with stomach problems.”

“In that case, what should we have?”

With that, the couple was back to square one.

At that moment, the woman spotted a newly opened restaurant nearby.

There were congratulatory flower stands at the entrance, while a stove could be seen near the window. Even though she was a few meters away, she could hear the pot of water bubbling away.

“That looks to be a newly opened restaurant.” She proposed, “Shall we give it a try?”

Knitting his brows, the man remarked, “Maureen’s Kitchen… Its decorations don’t look impressive at all. Besides, who puts a pot in front of their restaurant on their opening day? Perhaps they’re forced to resort to such tactics because they couldn’t attract any customers on the first day with their terrible-tasting food.”

After a brief hesitation, the woman replied, “It could be. Nevertheless, let’s check it out.”

Just as she spoke, she ran toward the restaurant with the man in tow.

The moment she approached, she saw a young woman giving instructions to the person beside her. Even as a woman herself, she had to admit that the latter’s beauty was ethereal.

“The water is almost ready. It’s time to put the ravioli in. Also, is the sauce done yet?”

Judging from the tone of her voice, the beautiful woman’s clearly the owner of the restaurant.

The woman whispered to her boyfriend, “Why is the restaurant owner so young? I have a feeling that you’re right. Their dishes probably aren’t very good.”

The man nodded. “A true chef needs many years of experience. Look at her. She looks too young to be one. Seeing her appearance, I doubt she has even graduated from university. There’s no way she can c**k properly. Come along now; let’s check out the other restaurants.”

The duo was about to leave when Arielle looked up and coincidentally met their gazes.

“Hello,” she greeted with a smile, “this ravioli is a free sample of ours. Would you like to try them?”

The woman was on a budget, as both of them were saving up to buy their matrimonial home.

Therefore, she stopped in her tracks when she heard the word “free.” In the end, she walked forward, pulling her boyfriend along with her.

“Is this your grand opening day?”

Still smiling, Arielle nodded. “That’s right. Not only are we giving out a twenty percent discount storewide, but we’re also offering ravioli at the door as free samples. Care to have two portions?”

Looking at her boyfriend, the woman asked, “Since it’s a free sample, do you want to try them? Come to think of it, I haven’t had ravioli in a long time.”

As they were a loving couple, the man did not object to her request. He nodded at Arielle and asked, “How long will it take?”

“Three minutes.”

“All right then. One portion will do.”

Thinking that all ravioli tasted the same, he was not interested in eating them.

“One portion of ravioli coming right up.” Just as Arielle read the order, Glenn’s apprentice began preparing them.

As for Arielle, she busied herself by seasoning the sauce made from a secret recipe.

It consisted of more than ten ingredients and needed to be boiled over low heat for more than an hour.

Only by adding a myriad of herbs and spices could she perfect the fragrance and taste of the sauce.

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