Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 108

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 108 Get Out

Aren’t the clothes enough? What else would Henrick have prepared for me?

The more Arielle wondered, the more curious she became.

Eventually, her curiosity got the better of her, and she played the disc.

A good-looking couple on the couch immediately showed up on the screen.

Is this some kind of romantic drama?

Arielle tilted her head in confusion as questions started going through her mind. Does Henrick think this drama would spark some romance between Vinson and me?

Before she could question any further, the couple on screen had gone on to engage in various embarrassing acts.

Arielle gradually went from a state of confusion to a state of utter shock.

What the hell is this?

As she stared wide-eyed at the screen, Arielle felt numbness all over her hands and feet.

Even though she considered herself to be knowledgeable, there was still a first time for everything.

All Arielle wanted to do then was to drag Henrick out and curse angrily at him.

Due to a combination of shock and rage, Arielle’s hand trembled and dropped the remote control. Thud!

The loud sound finally brought Arielle out of her daze as she quickly leaned forward to pick up the remote control so she could turn the television off.

However, in her hurry, her foot accidentally kicked it under the couch.

“F*ck!” Arielle once again swore loudly.

The more panicked she was, the messier things got. Arielle tried to calm herself by taking a deep breath and forcing herself to block out the moans the couple was making on-screen.

After a few more deep breaths, Arielle finally found herself in a more composed state.

She used her phone to illuminate the bottom of the couch and look for the remote control.

Seeing as how it was quite a distance back, Arielle knelt on the floor and stretched her hand out to try to reach for the remote.

Meanwhile, Vinson felt himself getting more drunk by the second.

When he got to the suite, it took two tries before he managed to unlock the door with his key.

As soon as he stepped into the suite, Vinson heard strange noises that sounded a lot like a man and woman having s*x.

Have I entered the wrong room?

Vinson stepped back out of the suite to check his room key, only to confirm that he hadn’t made a mistake.

At the same time, he was also sure that he hadn’t made a mistake with what he had heard. As a grown man, he was only all too familiar with what those sounds were.

Who the hell has the guts to do that in my room?

Under the influence of alcohol, Vinson had lost all rational thought and let his emotions get the better of him.

With a stoic face, he marched into the living room, only to see a scantily clad woman kneeling on the floor with her back facing him.

The woman had a superb figure, especially her thin waist that he found extra alluring.

However, what he found even more appealing, was the white b***y’s tail at the back of her costume that swished away with every movement the woman made.

No man, under those given circumstances, would still be able to remain calm and composed.

Vinson swallowed hard, trying to resist the temptation in front of him. He was a man, but he was also one who would never engage in casual s*x.

If there weren’t feelings involved, he wouldn’t bother wasting his time with those women.

The more he reasoned with himself, the soberer he got.

He suddenly recalled how the men had all looked at him when he left the banquet table earlier.

And now that he was looking at the woman squirming about on the floor, everything instantly became clear to Vinson.

Having recovered from his initial shock, Vinson’s expression darkened as his eyes blazed with rage.

Those a*sholes!

They had sent women to Vinson before, but they were all admonished by him. But instead of learning from it, they had the gall to do it again. How dare they don’t show me any respect!

The disdain in Vinson’s gaze grew even more intense as he continued staring at the woman.

Just then, the strange moans once again came from the television.

Vinson turned toward the screen, only to see the couple engaged in unbelievably embarrassing acts.

So that’s where the sounds came from.

Vinson’s face turned even darker with anger.

Not only did those old b*stards send a woman to his room, but they also played such filthy shows. They make me sick to my core!

Having run out of patience, Vinson marched toward the woman and bellowed, “Get the hell…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the woman on the floor had finally noticed his presence and turned around in shock.

Upon seeing the familiar face staring back at him, Vinson was at a loss for words.

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