Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1917 by NovelsYou

Sophie turned her face away and pretended to see nothing.

The green-haired boy looked at the woman’s indifferent appearance and felt a burst of anger in his heart!

“What? You can’t help but listen if the second child has a boss.” Sophie looked at the green-haired boy in front of him arrogantly, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

The green-haired boy immediately turned around and didn’t want to pay attention to the vicious woman in front of him.

“If you stand for me, you are not afraid that it is your boss’s last words?” Sophie looked at the green-haired boy coldly.

The green-haired boy felt a haze on his face.

how? Is this woman going to start?

The green-haired boy turned around and walked slowly in front of Sophie. His expression was cruel and indifferent. There was a cold light in his eyes, and he seemed to kill Sophie in front of him. Sophie’s body trembled for a while, then she straightened her back and slightly lifted her chin to show her majesty.

“Miss Su, can you figure out that you are the one who has us, but you are the eldest daughter.” The green-haired boy put his hand on the woman’s face, and the corner of the mouth evoked a playful arc.

What does he want to do?

Sophie looked at him fiercely with eyes, a trace of fear.

**** it, but there is a **** who does this to her!

“If you are disobedient, it means that you have disobeyed your boss’s order. Or you want to replace him. Do you think the brother below will agree?” Sophie pretended to be calm and calm.

“What a smart woman!” The green-haired boy held the woman’s head with two faces that seemed to be pressed together.

“Let go of me!” Sophie struggled.

The green-haired boy sneered. It turned out that there was this woman too, when she was scared!

“Ms. Su will ask you to stay away from our boss in the future. He is uncomfortable. Can you see dirty and nasty people. Otherwise, I don’t mind helping him remove the obstacles around him!” Thrown to the corner hard.

Seeing the man leaving, Su Feifei touched the corner of her mouth and her face, a trace of fear but more vicious.

Sophie hesitated for a while or dialed the phone.

“Always be on standby and listen to my arrangements!” The woman hung up the phone directly.

Maybe it’s true, and we need to deal with it again!

Sophie clenched her fist tightly.

The next day, the sun rose early, everything looked as usual, and there seemed to be something strange.

Suddenly a phone rang and broke the peace of the world.

“Second brother will have you come to the hospital and the boss will be dying!”

In a word, the green-haired boy stood up and hurried to the hospital.

“What’s the matter!” The green-haired boy shouted to the nurse.

The nurse next to her bowed her head and frowned tightly.

“I… I don’t know there is me… Someone who has been on the night’s shift has been fine last night, but this morning…” The nurse hesitated and looked terrified.

“Has anyone been here?” The green-haired boy asked fiercely.


Looking around, a man suddenly noticed that some of the large windows in the ward were open. When I left yesterday, I was afraid that the boss would catch a cold and he closed the window!

**** it!

The green-haired boy hit the wall with a fist.

“Arrange the operation for him immediately!” Suddenly Gu **** appeared in the hospital.

Seeing the sudden arrival of Gu Wangyou, the green-haired boy was surprised and delighted.

“Gu always has trouble for you.” The green-haired boy hurriedly came to Gu ****’s side.

Gu **** directly waved his hand.

“How about the doctor having my eldest brother?” The green-haired boy hurriedly asked.

“Fortunately, if the treatment is timely, otherwise it will really be fatal.” The doctor sighed.

The eyes of the green-haired boy dimmed in an instant.

“Nothing, right?” Gu **** asked in a low voice.

The green-haired boy just shook his head and spoke. Xu was really hit by the yellow-haired man’s affairs. For a long time, there were no green-haired boys, so I recovered.

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