Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1914 by NovelsYou

Ten thirty is eleven o’clock is eleven thirty…

Zhao Yinuo appeared in the sight of the Bobcat.

Bobcat, he always feels that something bad is about to happen when he is anxious.

“Is Mrs. Lin there!” The lynx shouted when he opened the door in the garden.

“Hey, it’s coming!” Mrs. Lin hurriedly replied.

“Why did the bobcat come?” Madam Lin wiped her hands.

“Where did the madam go? The eldest brother asked me to pick her up.” Lynx asked hurriedly.

Mrs. Lin was blinded.

“Didn’t Enoch go home yet? She said that when you’re almost there, you should go home and change your clothes.” Madam Lin replied immediately.


Lynx’s eyes dimmed.

He knew that it was Gu **** who asked him to pick up Zhao Enuo to prevent something from happening now!

“I’ve been waiting for a long time, but I don’t see her as Mrs. Lin. Do you know where my sister-in-law usually goes?” Lynx asked hurriedly.

Mrs. Lin, hesitated.

No matter where Zhao Yinuo usually goes, she can’t just let the Bobcat wait so long without saying hello!

Faintly, Mrs. Lin felt a little uneasy in her heart.

“Let’s go and look for it.” Mrs. Lin hurriedly took off her apron and took the bobcat out of the garden.

“What? Enoch is missing? Didn’t I let you wait at the door?” Gu **** shouted.

A glimmer of cold flashed in Gu ****’s eyes for an instant.

Is it finally time to do it?

“Fortunately, I know that the whole village is blocked until I find Zhao Enuo!” Gu **** directly hung up the phone.

Sophie, Sophie, when are you going to play?


Hearing the sound, Zhao Yinuo slowly opened his eyes. It was a familiar crowd and an unfamiliar environment.

“What… what do you want to do?” Zhao Enuo asked weakly.

The yellow-haired man slowly walked to the woman, holding Zhao Enuo’s face.


A few slaps in a row is what Zhao Enuo only felt hot on his face.

“Smelly woman dare to lie to me!” The yellow-haired man kicked the woman again.


She knew that they had guessed that the pen they handed over was not a real gift from the supervisor.

Zhao Enuo sneered.

Where do they come from, so high IQ, otherwise they were seen at home that day, there is still no one behind them!

A cold light flashed in the eyes of Zhao Enuo thinking that Su Feifei was Zhao Enuo.

“Quickly tell where is it?” The yellow-haired man yelled fiercely as he coldly looked at the woman who was bleeding at the corner of his mouth.

Zhao Enuo shook his head vigorously in an attempt to make himself more awake. She was suddenly thankful that she had handed the recorder to Gu ****.

“The gift she gave me is that there is that box, and that box is mine, and I will give it to you directly.” Zhao Enuo replied in a low voice.

“The dead woman is still in her mouth, or someone came here to beat me!” The yellow-haired man shouted loudly.

“Wait a minute.” Suddenly a green-haired boy ran up to the boss.

“Boss, you have to think about it clearly. It is Miss Su’s money that is important, but there is a woman who can forget about it.” The green-haired boy reminded.

The yellow-haired man hesitated but walked around behind Zhao Enuo and seemed to be thinking about something.

What tricks can he think of?

Zhao Enuo glanced at him and stopped making a sound.

“You hit me hard!” Suddenly the yellow-haired man shouted.

Suddenly the green-haired boy was stunned.

“No matter who she is, we all pretend not to know who she is. The consequences and responsibility are for that woman to bear!” the yellow-haired man said fiercely.

Ginger is still spicy!

The corner of the green-haired boy’s mouth evokes a satisfying arc.

“What do you want to do!” Zhao Enuo shouted in horror.

“Plap!” Suddenly the door opened.

There is no Gu Forgotten, there is no Ling Chen, but there is a man who kidnapped Zhao Enuo before and the younger brothers behind him!

“Who is here?” the yellow-haired man yelled.

“The person here is for me!”

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