Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1911 by NovelsYou

Several women look at me, I look at you, and they all laughed.

“Nothing, the supervisor is on a business trip and is not in the supermarket.” One of the women explained.

No wonder they all look very excited one by one.

However, the supervisor has always disliked business trips, so why did he leave suddenly?

Zhao Enuo was curious.

After exchanging a few words with a few women, Zhao Enuo returned home. But as soon as I got home, I saw Madam Lin in a hurry.

“Madam, what’s the matter?” Zhao Enuo asked hurriedly.

“Hey, it’s very miserable, Xiao Chen has an accident.” Madam Lin shook her head and sighed.

Zhao Yinuo was stunned, didn’t he say that he was on a business trip?

“Madam, I’ll go with you!” Zhao Yinuo followed.

In the hospital…

Xiao Chen’s father and mother were crying in the ward, looking very painful. Zhao Enuo took a lot of effort to squeeze in, and finally saw the woman in the hospital bed.

If it is wrong, there will be a supervisor.

In an instant, Zhao Enuo’s eyes flashed with sadness.

“Xiao Chen!” Suddenly, the store manager ran over with a panic and unbelievable appearance.

“You are so embarrassed to come, what are you doing, you will kill my child!” Xiao Chen’s mother went up and grabbed the shop manager’s arm and scratched it fiercely. Suddenly, there was chaos in the ward.

“Doctor, how is the patient now?” Zhao Yinuo asked hurriedly.

“Hey, this child has the one I have seen since childhood, but it’s a pity that he has become a vegetable.” The doctor shook his head.

Suddenly, Xu Youtai Zhao Yinuo collapsed to the ground, his eyes dull.

“Enoch.” Madam Lin hurriedly helped Zhao Enoch.

“Okay, you go home first, I have some friendship with their home, and I will go back later.” Mrs. Lin patted the woman’s shoulder gently.

Zhao Enuo stood up slowly, there was incredible in his eyes. Although the supervisor had always embarrassed her before, but with her, he did not do anything too out of the ordinary. Now, seeing her look like this, Zhao Enuo only feels heartache.

But why did she suddenly become a vegetable?

Zhao Enuo tilted his head, recalling the scene of her meeting with the supervisor that day.

That gift! Immediately, Zhao Enuo speeded up the pace.

There was no one at home. Zhao Enuo immediately turned out the gift from the supervisor. There was a pen. The woman looked suspiciously at the pen in her hand, always feeling that something was wrong.

“Pop!” Suddenly, her hand touched a certain place, and the pen rang instantly.

Soon, Zhao Enuo understood.

There is a recording, a recording of the supervisor talking with another woman. The voice of the other woman was very familiar.

Yes, there is Sophie! Zhao Enuo’s eyes flashed with cold light.

If it is said that the supervisor became a vegetative person deliberately, then Sophie is likely to be the culprit!

Zhao Enuo was nervous and flustered.

“Boom boom boom!”

Suddenly, the knock on the door was urgent and loud.

Zhao Enuo hurriedly hid the recording pen.

“Pop!” Zhao Enuo didn’t have time to open the door, and the door was pried open.

“Hey hey, who do you guys do, what do you want to do?” Zhao Enuo shouted loudly.

But a few men who came, ignored Zhao Enuo and broke into the room directly, and then there was a sound of smashing the ground. Seeing everything in front of her, the woman was stunned.

In the impression, she and Mrs. Lin did not offend anyone!

“Hand it over!” A yellow-haired man headed directly to Zhao Enuo.

Zhao Yinuo was stunned.

They said there is a recorder?

“You…what are you talking about?” Zhao Enuo took two steps back.

“Hand it over obediently, I promise you will do nothing, otherwise…” The man looked at the fist in his hand and sneered.

“Boss, no yes.”

“Boss, there is no such thing on my side.” Several subordinates looked at the yellow-haired man in front of him.

The yellow-haired man suddenly grasped the woman’s arm tightly, and threw it directly towards the corner, his eyes piercing and powerful.

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