Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1910 by NovelsYou

In this case, there are no heads and tails, what are they doing? Zhao Enuo frowned slightly.

“Oh yes, I said I came to your small mountain village, but I don’t know where your home is…” Ling Chen explained.

This time, Zhao Enuo was terrified.

Ling Chen unexpectedly came to such a remote mountainous area?

“Uh, I will pick you up.” Zhao Enuo ran out as he said.

It took a long time for Zhao Yinuo to see Ling Chen and the car. At this time, Ling Chen was already sweating and panting.

“Hey, I said your home is hard to find,” Ling Chen whispered.

Who made him come? Zhao Enuo cast a glance at him and said nothing.

“Slow down and wait a minute.” Ling Chen grinds behind.

“Uncle Ling Chen!” Suddenly Liangliang shouted loudly.

“Hey, Liangliang.” Ling Chen responded.

“Why did Uncle Ling Chen come with you?” The child was innocent, looking at the man in front of him.

Ling Chen hesitated and smiled.

“Of course I miss you.” Ling Chen squeezed the child’s cheek.

“Madam.” Ling Chen greeted Madam Lin again.

Madam Lin just reluctantly, smiled, wondering why she looked at Madam Lin’s face, the expression was for Ling Chen, and Zhao Enuo felt that she was not very happy when she arrived.

“Come and drink some water.” Madam Lin handed Ling Chen a glass of water.

Ling Chen looked around for a while, curled his lips, and there was something strange and radiant in his eyes.

“You live here?” Ling Chen suspiciously, looking at the female face in front of him.

Zhao Enuo knew what he wanted to say and was firm, and nodded.

Well, Ling Chen immediately recovered his previous expression.

“Oh yes, yes, I bought a lot of nutrients for Liangliang, and they are helpful to his body, and don’t forget to eat them when the time comes.” Ling Chen reminded.

Zhao Enuo looked at the ground, the big bag and the small bag nodded a little.

After all, Ling Chen’s doctor has other choices, and there should be no difference in nutrition.

“It really makes you bother.” Madam Lin slowly walked to Ling Chen.

“Don’t bother to do it,” Ling Chen waved his hand.

However, for this man, Zhao Enuo suddenly came and was a little bit curious.

“Why don’t you make a call before you come?” the woman asked.

“What kind of call is there that I really want. Will Gu forgetting me when I call? I’m afraid it will block the road.” Ling Chen said unceremoniously.

Zhao Enuo didn’t understand how the relationship between Ling Chen and Gu **** suddenly became so alienated or even when it was like an enemy.

Could it be that in her disappearance, what happened between the two of them in the past few years? But Gu **** didn’t mean it.

“How is Liangliang? Is your health better?” Ling Chen gently stroked the child’s hair.

“Well, it’s better. Some father said that after the operation, I became stronger.” Liangliang replied loudly.

There was Ling Chen in an instant, his eyes dimmed.

How old did you mention Gu ****!

“When will uncle leave with you?” the child asked suddenly.

Suddenly, Mrs. Lin and Zhao Yinuo were stunned.

When someone just arrived, he would chase them away? Why is this kid so polite?

Zhao Enuo winked at the child.

At this time, Ling Chen was also very embarrassed.

“Oh, I don’t mean goodbye. It means it’s getting dark soon. I’m afraid that Uncle will be in danger on the road.” Liangliang said hurriedly.

If the father is not with his mother, of course he must be wary of the other men around the mother.

“Oh yes, it’s getting dark someday, yes, yes, or else I’ll go back first, or I’ll come back another day.” Ling Chen scratched the back of his head.

Zhao Yinuo suddenly felt embarrassed.

“Otherwise you finish eating…”

“Yes, there is uncle who wants you to come next morning.” Liangliang interrupted Zhao Enuo directly and didn’t finish.

The air was quiet for an instant.

“Hey, Enoch is here.”

“Why don’t some resign, it feels so good?”

Several colleagues were talking about Zhao Yinuo.

“Hey, if you are lazy to talk to me, are you afraid of being caught by the supervisor?” Zhao Yinuo said softly.

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