Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1905 by NovelsYou

After a few words between the attending doctor and Gu Wangliang, he pushed Liangliang away from the hospital bed. Zhao Enuo was nervous and looked at the child with a face, and was a little worried.

“Nothing, don’t worry.” Gu **** held the woman’s waist tightly.

At the door, everyone was waiting anxiously. Zhao Yinuo and Madam Lin were even more nervous and to death, and the air was quiet and terrifying.

After a long time, the attending doctor came out with the child. Everyone gathered around the attending doctor, babbling questions.

“Don’t worry, the child has just undergone a complete face-to-face examination, take him to rest first, who of you go to the office with me, we will discuss in detail.” The attending doctor looked at someone in front of him seriously.

“I! I’ll go!” Zhao Yinuo shouted immediately.

After that, Mrs. Lin and Ling Chen were responsible for pushing Liangliang into the ward, and Gu **** and Zhao Yinuo followed the doctor to the office.

Looking at the doctor with some embarrassed expressions, Zhao Enuo felt a little uneasy in his heart.

“What impact has this child experienced before?” The doctor looked at Zhao Enuo seriously.

Zhao Yinuo was stunned. She didn’t know anything about the child before she was in the small mountain village, and Mrs. Lin didn’t even tell her. She only knows that the child was picked up.

“Doctor, like this, the child has been picked up since childhood…” Zhao Enuo explained.

The doctor lowered his head, as if thinking about something, his expression was very solemn.

“I suspect that the child has a tumor on his head, and that the tumor has existed for a long time, but you can rest assured that it can be removed by surgery. Of course, I only doubt it. Next, I will have to check it further.” The doctor is serious. Explained.

At the moment when he heard the “tumor”, Zhao Enuo could no longer hold it. The woman stepped back two steps, leaning against the wall, her eyes flushed.

“Doctor, will you save this child? I will try my best to cooperate with you if you need anything!” Zhao Yinuo cried.

Gu **** hurriedly took the woman into his arms, gently stroked her hair, trying to give her some comfort.

“You can treat it as you should. I hope you can help this child. Thank you.” Gu **** bowed deeply to the attending doctor.

“Hey, President Gu, this can’t be done. The doctor has the responsibility to save the patient’s life. Moreover, if it is really certain that the child has a tumor in the head, it is enough to perform a small operation, and the wife does not have to worry.” The doctor comforted. .

Gu **** helped the woman walk out of the ward slowly and gently wiped her tears.

“Enoch, the child won’t do anything.” Gu **** kissed Zhao Enoch’s forehead.

Zhao Yinuo snuggled in the arms of the man and kept sobbing.

“Gu ****, if something happens to Liangliang…” Zhao Yinuo stopped talking.

Gu **** immediately covered the woman’s mouth.

“It’s me, there won’t be.”

There was Ling Chen in the corner. Looking at two people not far away, there was an anger in his eyes.

Finally, it was confirmed, Liangliang had a small tumor in his head.

In the bathroom, Mrs. Lin leaned against the wall and her eyes were dull, a little lost.

“Madam.” Zhao Yinuo hurriedly shouted.

“Ah? Enoch.” Mrs. Lin wiped her tears and recovered.

Zhao Yinuo knew that Mrs. Lin felt very uncomfortable, so he held her hands tightly, his eyes were a bit firm, trying to give her some comfort.

“Liangliang will have nothing to do.” Zhao Enuo said.

Madam Lin looked at the woman in front of her and nodded.

But the most important thing in front of me is how to explain the operation to Liangliang.

In the ward, Gu **** sat by the bed and played games with the child, looking very happy.

“Dad, when I can become as strong as you,” Liangliang said with a wink and pouting.

Gu Forgot touched the child’s hair and smiled slightly.

“Liangliang, in fact, my father was very young. Sometimes, he had a disease and had an operation. Because of that operation, my father became so strong…” Gu Forgotten to think about the child before the operation. Work.

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