Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1903 by NovelsYou

“This child was abandoned by his parents since he was a child and was looked down upon by the children…” Madam Lin choked.

Zhao Yinuo knew that the only uncomfortable thing in her heart was to hold Madam Lin tightly, trying to give her some faith.

“Ms. Ling Chen said that he will treat the children who have returned from the teacher. You can rest assured that Liangliang will have trouble. The teacher has the best medical skills in the entire hospital.” Zhao Enuo was firm, looking at him. In front of it, the woman.

Suddenly, Madam Lin wiped her tears and her eyes revealed a look of expectation and brilliance.


Zhao Yinuo hurried to the bed and looked at the child.

“Where’s mom’s dad?” Liangliang tried to open his eyes.

But the only ones who looked around were mom and grandmother.

“Liangliang, okay, let’s video with dad now?” Zhao Enuo gently stroked the child’s hair.

The child seemed to have no strength at all but nodded.

Zhao Yinuo hurriedly took out his mobile phone, opened WeChat, and dialed it.

“Hey, Gu ****!” Zhao Enuo said hello.

But there is a cold face in Gu Forgotten in the video.

“What are you doing?” Gu **** asked coldly.

Zhao Enuo who reacted to Gu ****’s indifference was a little surprised. What’s up with him? Have you gone abroad because you didn’t say hello to him?

“Mom, have you quarreled with dad?” Liangliang said suddenly.

In the video, Gu **** heard the child, and hurriedly looked at the camera.

“The bright, troublesome dad is only a little busy dad and mom how can they quarrel.” Gu **** smiled.

He thought that there was Zhao Enuo alone and the natural tone of his video was a little weird. Who told her to go abroad, she didn’t even make a phone call.

The key is that she went abroad with that Ling Chen!

“Dad’s you are okay? We went abroad, and the mother who was in a hurry that day didn’t have time to call you or the mother who just got off the plane, and the phone was out of power…” Liangliang explained.

Although the child is still young, he is bright and sensitive by nature. Even if the adult doesn’t say it, he can see and see through.

Seeing so sensible, the child’s Gu forgotten, the corners of his mouth curled up.

“Good dad, come to see you right away when you’re done.” Gu **** said hastily with love and softness in his eyes.

“My father, you are busy with things first, this is my mother and grandma.” Liangliang didn’t mention Ling Chen, which made Gu **** very happy.

“It’s still Uncle Ling Chen.” Zhao Enuo said suddenly.

In the instant video, Gu ****’s eyes dimmed.

Next to him, Zhao Enuo was speechless for a while in front of him.

“Daddy’s we all miss your sleep last night, when my mother called you, your name.” The child laughed.

“Uh, I went to the bathroom.” Zhao Yinuo hurriedly fled the scene.

It’s really shameful to say that I had a dream last night. There was Gu **** in the dream, so I heard Liangliang said that I called Gu ****, the name all night.

Gu **** originally thought that the child could only say casually and wanted to make him happy, but Zhao Enuo was the one who reacted but verified the facts. Gu **** only felt warm in his heart.

“Don’t worry, dad, I’m here to look at mom for you.” Liangliang smirked.

Gu **** was stunned for a moment and then recovered his previous expression.

This little guy is so precocious!

After a few greetings, the two people hung up directly.

“Oh my ***, the video of you come out is over.” Liangliang shouted loudly.

Zhao Yinuo walked out of the bathroom.

Last night she was in the ward directly because she was worried about what would happen to her child in the middle of the night. Who knew Liangliang, who was asleep on the sofa, recorded herself in the middle of the night with her mobile phone, talking in her sleep.

At this moment, Zhao Enuo’s face was flushed.

“Is that recording deleted?” Zhao Enuo asked cautiously.

“No, I sent it directly to Dad!” The child replied indifferently.

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