Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1902 by NovelsYou

Gu **** clenched his fist tightly, blood dripped on the ground in his fingers.

“Enoch, did you call Mr. Gu to talk about it?” Mrs. Lin hurriedly asked on the plane.

Zhao Enuo suddenly froze and left. She was so in a hurry that she had indeed forgotten this matter.

“The problem is to get off the plane and fight again.” Zhao Enuo smiled slightly.

Next to him, Ling Chen closed his eyes and seemed to be thinking about something.

Soon several people got off the plane together. Zhao Yinuo hurriedly took out his mobile phone to try to call Gu **** but found that his mobile phone had been turned off.

“Hey, Enoch, don’t linger, hurry up!” Ling Chen shouted loudly.

“Come!” Zhao Enuo hurriedly threw the phone into his bag and ran over.

Ling Chen, work efficiency has always been very high. As soon as I got off the plane, I saw an ambulance parked at the airport gate.

“Ling Chen hasn’t seen you in a long time!”

“Yes, you have no conscience, you gave us such a big gift when we met.”

Several doctors greeted Ling Chen.

“I’m here to invite you to dinner next day. Enoch and Mrs. Lin get in the car!”

“How is it?” Ling Chen worried, looking at the doctors in front of him.

The faces of several doctors were very embarrassed and helpless.

“Ling Chen is not telling you that it is this child…” A doctor hesitated.

Suddenly, Mrs. Lin fainted next to her.

“Madam is a madam!” Zhao Enuo shouted loudly.

“Oh yes no, I haven’t finished talking yet, but this child has it, cure it, cure it!”

Zhao Yinuo and Ling Chen hurriedly helped Madam Lin into the ward, where is there still time to listen to people yelling.

On the hospital bed, Mrs. Lin closed her eyes and dripped. Zhao Enuo was a little worried.

“You can’t do it all in one sentence, just say it!” Ling Chen pushed hard to the side, the doctor.

“I’m not kidding you. The atmosphere was so tense just now.” Next to him, the doctor scratched the back of his head.

“Oh, okay, okay, I don’t need you to ask for the meal, can’t I ask for it.” The doctor said in embarrassment.

Helpless, Ling Chen shook his head and sighed.

In foreign countries, medical skills are much more advanced than domestic ones, and where they are located, this hospital is the world’s top medical equipment. Even more coincidentally, it was Ling Chen. The teacher came back and it was the most famous medical skill in this hospital. The doctor returned to the hospital just yesterday after finishing his training.

“What? You said the teacher is back?” Ling Chen shouted excitedly.

“Hey, don’t get excited or just get excited. The teacher said that this child will be handed over to him.” Next to him, the doctor whispered.

Suddenly it was Ling Chen, with a touch of satisfaction at the corner of his mouth, curved.

Teacher, medical skills are very clear in his heart that ordinary people are teachers and can’t do anything.

“Take me to see the teacher another day.” Ling Chen patted the doctor next to him on the shoulder.

Two people chat, very hot.

With a teacher, Ling Chen believes that this child will be healed.

But they didn’t know that it was the so-called Ling Chen, the teacher was Gu **** who called it back.

“Liangliang is Liangliang…” Madam Lin mumbled while lying on the hospital bed with her eyes closed.

“Madam is awake, it is bright and troublesome.” Zhao Enuo comforted Madam Lin by wiping her forehead with sweat.

Suddenly it was Mrs. Lin, with some tears in the corner of her eyes.

Zhao Enuo’s heart is almost broken.

“Liangliang!” Madam Lin sat up all of a sudden.

“Enoch is that I just dreamt that Liangliang is missing!” Madam Lin was horrified, looking at the woman in front of her.

Zhao Yinuo was wiping tears for Mrs. Lin because of sweat, and the eyes were filled with transparent, liquid.

Forbearing his heart, the emotion was that Zhao Enuo patted Mrs. Lin gently, trying to make her more comfortable on the back.

“Madam, you can rest assured that it’s the child’s trouble.” Zhao Enuo comforted.

“Really? What about Liangliang? I’m going to have a look.” Mrs. Lin got out of bed.

Staggering all the way, Mrs. Lin helped the wall to the children’s ward. Looking at the hospital bed, Liangliang was a haze on Mrs. Lin’s face.

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