Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1899 by NovelsYou

“What sequelae?” Zhao Enuo’s eyes were filled with transparent liquid.

“Be sure to combine work and rest in the future, especially recently. Never let him use his brain, otherwise he will have a headache, and it will be well after taking care of it.” The doctor patted the woman’s shoulder gently.

In an instant, Zhao Enuo’s eyes dimmed.

Mrs. Lin was at the door. Although she didn’t hear what the doctor was saying, she reacted to seeing Zhao Enuo’s loss, and she probably guessed something.

“Mom, don’t hit my mother!” Liangliang was on the bed, shaking his head with his eyes closed.

“Liangliang, wake up, mother is here.” Zhao Yinuo hurriedly shook the child’s body.

“Mom!” Suddenly, the child opened his eyes wide. “Ji” sat up all of a sudden, then lay down again and closed his eyes.

Had another nightmare!

Zhao Yinuo held the child tightly with his hands, his eyes full of guilt and heartache.

“Madam.” Zhao Enuo’s voice trembled and looked at Madam Lin.

Madam Lin walked to the woman, stroked Zhao Enuo’s hair lightly, and sighed.

“Nothing, it will be fine.” Madam Lin comforted.

Looking at the scene in front of him, the Bobcat’s eyes flashed with sadness.

“Hey, Bobcat, what’s going on? Didn’t I let you stay in the mountain village? Why is there no one in the family?” Gu **** asked anxiously on the phone.

The Bobcat hesitated, and decided to tell Gu ****. After all, Liangliang was indeed injured very seriously. He had specifically asked the doctor before.

“What? The hospital? Wait!” Gu **** immediately hung up the phone and drove to the hospital.

In the ward, all the people looked at the bed was bright and did not say a word, waiting for the child to wake up.

“Crack!” The door was pushed open hard.

“What the **** is going on?” Gu **** ran directly to the hospital bed.

“Lynx!” Gu **** gently stroked the child’s hair, and looked back at the Lynx coldly.

“Brother, I…I’m late.” The Bobcat lowered his head.

Gu **** looked at the child, and then at Zhao Yinuo and Madam Lin. The two women had red eyes, and they had obviously cried.

“Enoch.” Gu **** clung to the woman’s shoulders tightly, trying to give her some comfort.

“It’s all because of me that Liangliang was injured like this!” Zhao Enuo snuggled into the man’s arms, crying.

The woman is in pain, the child has a wound on his face, and Mrs. Lin is silent, which makes Gu **** very heartbroken.

“Enoch, don’t worry, I will definitely find a way to cure Liangliang.” With that, Gu **** ran out of the ward directly.

“Doctor, please use medicine, preferably technique, to cure that child.” Gu **** looked at the doctor anxiously.

The doctor looked up at the man in front of him, and there was no ordinary person. He hesitated and told him.

“A doctor abroad specializes in treating this condition. I suggest you take your children to see it.” The doctor said seriously.

“Good!” Gu **** directly agreed.

Regardless of whether it is at home or abroad, as long as Liangliang can be cured, it is worth all the money!

Zhao Yinuo looked at the phone that was ringing, and there was a radiance in his eyes.

“Hey, Enoch, what time is tomorrow? Let’s have a meal together.” Ling Chen said slowly.

“Yes, Ling Chen, it happened that I was looking for you.” Zhao Enuo answered quickly.

Listening to the woman’s urgency and anxiety is the voice, Ling Chen’s whole body is not good.

“What’s the matter? Did you have an accident?” Ling Chen asked hurriedly.

“I…” Zhao Enuo choked, trying to adjust his emotions.

The phone was on the other end, and Ling Chen’s eyes were dimmed. Wrong, she cried! The man clenched his fists tightly, looking forward to Zhao Enuo’s voice.

“Well, let’s talk about it when we meet tomorrow.” Zhao Enuo immediately hung up the phone.

There was a “beep” sound from the phone, which made Ling Chen startled for a moment, and his heart began to feel uneasy.

The next day, the sun was shining through the window early on to the ground, but Zhao Enuo felt cold. On the hospital bed, the child was still waking up. Mrs. Lin and Zhao Enuo kept their eyes closed all night and kept guarding Liangliang’s side. Gu **** had been contacting foreign doctors all night.

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