Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1898 by NovelsYou

“Yeah.” Gu Forgotten nodded.

But, he has no evidence! This is what makes Gu **** headache the most!

“When will you give me the money?” the man asked fiercely.

Really, a money slave! But this is a bait.

“Mr. Gu, you should know me. I have said that there is a lot of me here. You don’t know it is.” The man kept tapping the table with his fingers.

The man Gu **** knew was a master behind him.

“If you leave me a phone like this, you will pay the money tomorrow.” Gu Forgotten gave the man a glance.

The man’s eyes lit up in an instant.

“Happy President Gu!” the man shouted, patted the table.

After leaving the contact information, the man tidyed up his clothes, looked around and then left. Looking at the back of the man with the peaked cap, the corner of Gu ****’s mouth curled up.

Sophie, don’t let me know, you do it, otherwise I will never tolerate you!

A cold light flashed in Gu ****’s eyes.

Some people say that doing business is very cunning, and it makes sense to shop around whoever gives the highest price.

“What did you say? Did you go to Mr. Gu?” Su Feifei shouted loudly as she stood up all of a sudden.

“Miss Su’s, if you don’t give me money, someone will give me money.” The man sarcastically said.

“Plap!” Sophie smashed a fist directly against the wall finger, shed blood.

“Old Chen’s, if you still want to mess around, please follow the rules! You men understand the rules in the industry!” Sophie’s eyes became fierce.

The man’s sneered eyes were full of disdain and disdain.

“Ms. Su’s rules, people must be that the cooperation between you and me has ended. You can’t stop me and Gu from always cooperating.” The man who was talking directly hung up the phone.

In fact, he didn’t want to cooperate with Gu ****. After all, Gu Wangruo would never let him go if he knew the truth of the car accident. He just wanted to let Sophie give him money by borrowing this matter.

“Wait a minute!” Sophie roared.

“How much do you need?” Sophie asked coldly.

“Two million!” the man replied in a low voice.

Recently, the gambling is too great. I lost all my money and borrowed a **** as a debt!

Sophie clenched her fists tightly.

“Old Chen, do you think I am here, a charity organization? Although I have made some money abroad, I have worked hard, yes no, the wind is blowing!” Su Feifei shouted.

Who is the money? Yes, it is through hard work. Or else, how could she be so downhearted that she was driven out of the house to make her own money and spend it on her own!

Sophie Fei is a little anxious in her heart.

“One and a half million can’t be less,” the man whispered.

“If we are lower than these, there is no need for cooperation.” The man who was talking had to hang up.

“Wait a minute! The deal!” Su Feifei said hurriedly.

The corner of the man’s mouth evokes a sinister arc.

It seems that she still, the rich may be able to blackmail more next time. The man’s playful smile has a sly in his eyes.

So Feifei hung up the phone and ran to the autonomous teller machine holding the bank card.

Must be resolved as soon as possible!

If, next time, she promised to stamp that stinky man!

Gu ****, who walked out of the cafe, drove directly to the small mountain village.

However, what he didn’t know was Zhao Enuo and they had already arrived in the city as a hospital.

“How is the doctor’s son?” Zhao Enuo was worried because he looked at the doctor in front of him.

“It’s nothing serious, but those who need recuperation don’t let him study recently.” The doctor replied slowly.

It seemed that Mrs. Lin, who had really touched her head, was a little anxious.

“Parents come with me to get the medicine.” The doctor looked at Zhao Yinuo and ordered.

Zhao Yinuo hurriedly followed the doctor out of the ward with his heart.

“Why are you a parent who is such a small child? You may have sequelae if you don’t let him study recently.” The doctor looked at Zhao Enuo with a serious expression.

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