Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1897 by NovelsYou

Suddenly Zhao Enuo rushed to the Bobcat’s car like crazy.

“The Bobcats have you, hurry up and do what they are stunned, and if my son is injured, hurry up!” Zhao Enuo shouted loudly.

“Ding Ding Ding…”

Zhao Yinuo looked at the phone and then answered the call.

“Have you gone home? Nothing, right?” Gu **** asked worriedly.

He didn’t know what happened in the restaurant.

“Something has just finished eating and some are about to go home…”

“How about the doctor having my son?” Zhao Enuo looked at the child in front of him anxiously.

Liangliang was lying on the bed with her eyes closed and there were blood stains at the corners of her mouth.

The bobcat looked at the injured child with an anger in his eyes.

“Sister-in-law, what is going on?” The Bobcat clenched his fist tightly, feeling guilty in his heart.

Gu **** urged him to protect these three people. It’s so lucky that a child is injured. How can I explain it to him?

“Your son has to be transferred to a big hospital. It is best to have a comprehensive examination with him. Although the last time Mr. Gu sent someone to bring some equipment, after all, the conditions here are limited.” The doctor replied slowly.

Looking at the child on the bed, Zhao Enuo felt a heartache.

Blame yourself! Zhao Enuo slammed his head vigorously.

“Sister-in-law, don’t let us take the child to the hospital directly.” Bobcat patted the woman’s shoulder lightly.

Zhao Enuo nodded firmly, and the Bobcat hurriedly picked up the child and ran to the car.

“The Lynx has this thing, don’t tell Gu Wangyou, I know he has been busy with very important things recently.” Zhao Enuo said softly.

“Okay.” The Bobcat immediately agreed to look straight ahead.

There are dim lights and deep music in the cafe. It’s late, there are basically a few people. Gu **** was sitting in a conspicuous position in the coffee shop waiting for this person’s arrival.

After a long time, a man with a black peaked cap finally appeared in front of Gu ****.

“Hello, may I ask, Mr. Gu?” The man greeted him.

Gu **** stood up slowly and looked at the man in front of him.

It is obvious that there is a scar on the face of a man.

“If you have me, please sit down.” Gu **** replied lightly.

“Did you bring the money?” the man said straightforwardly.

It seems that he needs money very much! Gu **** took a sip of coffee and looked out the window.

“No yes.”

In an instant, some men got angry and stood up and said angrily, “You fool me!”

Gu **** sneered.

How could he who came from the restaurant in the mountain village brought so much money!

“Don’t get excited. When I received the call, I was there or not there, and those who came from other places didn’t have any money with me…” Gu **** explained.

“Then why the **** are you coming to see me!” The man snarled in a low voice, suppressing his inner emotions, and was afraid that others would see any clues.

Gu **** smiled and motioned for him to sit down and have a good conversation.

“I, those who do business are naturally vigilant and more vigilant. How can I know you? No, the driver who caused the accident.” Gu **** whispered.

“I am!” The man replied urgently.

“No, I don’t. The driver who caused the accident has me. I have seen the car accident and by the way, some have also seen the appearance of the driver.” The man hurriedly denied.

From the beginning to the end, there is no such thing as a man who said he was the driver who caused the accident. Gu Forgotten didn’t think he was just a passerby who accidentally saw a car accident. So just now, I was testing him.

It seems that he should.

Gu **** sneered.

“Well, you have to describe the entire process of the car accident in detail. If it is the same as I know, it means you, eyewitness.” Gu **** said deliberately.

Then the man began to remember the car accident that year. What he said is serious and devoted. It is impossible for people who have experienced it to say so. Even if there are, witnesses may not have such strong emotional changes when they recall these things.

“How? Am I right?” The man looked at the opposite man arrogantly.

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