Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1895 by NovelsYou

“Son? You have a son? Really, it’s a pity, but it’s just that I can support you…haha with your son!” The man smiled.

Zhao Enuo’s clenched fist in his hand was a burst of anger in his heart.

She didn’t want to waste too much time with this man, so she pushed the man hard to push directly into the bathroom, but Zhao Enuo left straight to the private room.

“Why is it so long? Nothing, right?” Madam Lin looked at Zhao Enuo worriedly.

“It’s a strange thing.” Zhao Enuo smiled.

The man in the bathroom was leaning against the wall and struggling to stand firmly and went straight to the service desk.

“What is your attitude! Find it out for me soon! Otherwise I will demolish your restaurant!” the bald man shouted loudly.

The person in charge of the hotel hurried over and was stubbornly scolding next to the man.

“What does this gentleman have is that we should talk about it,” the person in charge of the hotel said kindly.

“What you say is to hand over the person to me. It’s fine to say, otherwise, it’s nothing to talk about!” The man patted the table fiercely.

“What’s the voice outside, mom?” Liangliang looked at Zhao Enuo suspiciously.

Zhao Yinuo listened carefully and immediately understood.

It seems that the man is going to do something again.

“I am responsible for what I do alone!” Suddenly Zhao Enuo appeared in front of the man.

“That’s right, she was here to take it away for me!” Suddenly the man shouted, pointing at Zhao Yinuo.

The younger brothers hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Zhao Enuo’s arm.

“Let me go, what do you want to do?” Zhao Enuo struggled with staring eyes.

“You let go of my mother!” Suddenly Liangliang ran out.


The child was slapped to the ground with a fierce slap. Sitting on the ground, Liangliang was holding her cheeks with her hands and her eyes were a little dazed.

“Liangliang!” Zhao Enuo shouted desperately.

“The kid doesn’t care about you, just get out of here!” The bald man gave a cold kick.

Suddenly there were more people around.

“This, who is it, is hitting a child like this…”

“Just, ah, it doesn’t seem to be, the people in our village are how we can have such poor quality people here.”

The few people talking about the work behind the bald man are very, ugly.

Suddenly the man turned around and looked at the women in front of him with fierce eyes.

“If you want to be good, then close your stinky mouth!”

Several women stepped back immediately.

The supervisor in the corner has a glorious arc at the corner of his mouth.

Zhao Yinuo, isn’t Zhao Yinuo, very capable? It depends on how you deal with it?

The supervisor was hiding behind the crowd watching a good show in front of him.

“What are you waiting for to take it away for me!” the bald man shouted loudly, his tone a little impatient.

“Wait!” Mrs. Lin suddenly came out.

“Who allowed you to take it away?” Madam Lin coldly looked at the man in front of her.

The bald man turned around and looked up and down. Mrs. Lin had some disdain in her eyes, but then she just glanced at her disgustingly, because she didn’t say anything and planned to leave.

“What? Did your parents teach you to be lenient in doing things?” Madam Lin shouted.

This sound frightened the people around.

I don’t know which person in the village is Mrs. Lin. Although she is not as famous as the others in the small village, everyone respects her very much.

“Don’t want to scare you who I am, you are just an old woman.” The bald man spit out.

Really, a polite guy! In an instant, Mrs. Lin was on fire.

“This is the woman you want, and if you take it away, I promise that your life is over.” Madam Lin replied swearingly.

Zhao Enuo was taken aback by the people around him.

Mrs. Lin usually doesn’t make a move, but once she makes a move, she is out of control.

The bald man looked at Madam Lin in front of him and walked slowly to Madam Lin with a “pooh”. The compelling momentum is that the piercing gaze did not scare her, but she raised her chin slightly to declare her sovereignty.

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