Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1894 by NovelsYou

It must be very important that the Bobcats can make so many calls continuously.

Gu **** looked in front of him, and several people picked up their phones and walked out of the box.

“The eldest brother’s rogue has to see you tonight.” Bobcat said anxiously.

Gu **** looked inside, and a fist of several people hit the wall directly.

What a coincidence!

“Can’t you push it until tomorrow?” Gu **** asked in a low voice.

“The other party insists that it must be outdated tonight.” The Bobcats were a little anxious.

“What’s wrong with mom’s dad?” Liangliang asked suddenly in the private room.

Zhao Yinuo was stunned and immediately recovered his previous expression.

“Liangliang’s good father is busy.” Zhao Enuo hurriedly picked up a piece of meat for the child.

Looking at Gu ****, there was a haze on Liangliang’s face in the empty seat.

“Dad is leaving tonight?” Liangliang looked up at Zhao Enuo’s dismay.

“Perhaps, but you can rest assured that as long as Dad is finished, he will come back to see you.” Zhao Yinuo smiled.

Sure enough, this sentence worked, Liangliang suddenly became excited.

Gu Forgetting hung up the phone and returned to the box with a melancholy expression.

“Mr. Gu, if there is something in the company, please go ahead.” Mrs. Lin said suddenly.

After calling for so long, a normal person can think of something important that must have happened.

Gu **** looked at the side, and Zhao Enuo looked at Liangliang’s face again with guilt.

“It’s nothing, dad, go and work first. Mom said you will come back after you are done.” Liangliang said.

Seeing so sensible, the child’s Gu **** smiled.

After asking a few words, Gu **** left the hotel. Only three of them were left in the private room.

The momentary atmosphere was much quieter.

“We are here for dinner, but today my mother specially invited you. If you are a guest, you can eat more.” Mrs. Lin said with a smile.

“of course……”

Madam Lin talked to Liangliang, and Zhao Enuo walked into the bathroom in the gap.

“Hey, Gu ****, it’s getting late, go back early, pay attention to safety on the road.” Zhao Yinuo said softly.

“Don’t worry about it.”

After a few words of greeting, the two people hung up.

I don’t know why, after Gu Forgotten, Zhao Enuo’s heart always felt a little uneasy, his heart beating faster and faster.

I must be thinking too much! Zhao Yinuo washed his face and walked directly out of the bathroom.

Suddenly, a shiny, bald-headed man came over and looked drunk. Zhao Enuo was vigilant and tried to sneak around, but she turned the corner when the man deliberately staggered directly onto Zhao Enuo.

“Hey sir.” Zhao Yinuo hurriedly helped the man.

“**** you, who dare to trip Lao Tzu!” the man cursed loudly.

Zhao Yinuo was drunk and unpredictable looking in front of him. The man took a deep breath and didn’t want to care about him.

“I’m sorry you slow down.” Zhao Enuo planned to right the man and leave.

But the man directly threw Zhao Enuo into the corner.

“What do you want to do?” Zhao Enuo cautiously looked at the man in front of him.

This person looks very face-to-face, unlike a person in a small mountain village.

“You want to go straight away if you tripped me up?” The man gradually approached Zhao Enuo.

Suddenly the man looked at the corner of the wall as if he was injured, like a little rabbit, and the corner of Zhao Enuo’s mouth evoked a playful curve.

“Mister’s this is a public occasion.” Zhao Yinuo reminded.

The man sneered and looked disdainful.

“Only you from Poshan Village, I am here to give you face!” The man shook his arm.

“But this time, it’s not a vain idea that there is such a beautiful woman in this Poshan Village.” The man touched himself, his chin wretched, said.

Looking at the front of him was disgusting and disgusting, the man Zhao Enuo really wanted to slap him twice.

“My son of my embarrassed sir is still waiting for me and I will leave first.” Zhao Yinuo said hurriedly to leave.

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