Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1891 by NovelsYou

“Nana has nothing to do, she is lucky in misfortune.” Gu **** patted the Bobcat on the shoulder.

Gu **** looked at the phone ringing and immediately answered the call.

“That Ling Chen invited me out to meet.” Zhao Enuo whispered.

Gu Wangyou’s eyes dimmed for a moment.

Ling Chen is really a stinky man, he is the only one who is still in the shadows! Why do you want to come back if you have already gone abroad?

Gu **** clenched his fist tightly.

“Then what?” Gu **** asked in a low voice.

Zhao Enuo, who listened to the man with a voice and tone, was already counted.

“I won’t go if I’m not going.” Zhao Enuo answered firmly.

Suddenly, there was a curve of satisfaction at the corner of Gu ****’s mouth.

Not bad, this woman is still a bit conscious!

“Cough.” Gu **** coughed.

“You can actually have that one.” The man continued.

He doesn’t want to be called a petty man by others.

Zhao Yinuo was circled.

“Okay.” The woman hung up the phone directly.

Gu **** was discouraged when he heard the “beep beep” sound from the phone.

“Pop!” Suddenly a door in the office was pushed open.

“We can’t stop Mr. Gu.” The front desk bowed his head ashamed.

Gu **** waved to the front desk to leave.

“Brother Gu, take a look. There are people in your company, and the more and more presumptuous even I won’t let me in.” Su Feifei’s voice made Gu **** feel very disgusting.

Gu **** sneered.

“Then, I let them do this.” The man replied coldly.

Sophie froze for a moment and then resumed her expression just now.

“Brother Gu’s how are you doing? It’s been a long time since I saw you.” So Feifei asked softly.

Gu **** continued to look through the file, but Su Feifei was justified. Seeing the man in front of him, Sophie, who looked so indifferent to him, felt a little sad.

“I heard that Zhao Yinuo is back?” Su Feifei asked suddenly.

Gu Forg stopped when he took the pen to sign and had a hand. How would she know that Zhao Enuo was back? No, has she been abroad all the time? Gu **** suspiciously looked at the woman in front of him.

“Really, congratulations.” Sophie gritted her teeth.

Zhao Enuo, Zhao Enuo’s you are so real, the one who fell into that river so fatefully is still dead!

Sophie has a fierce and vicious look in her eyes.

“Yes, Enoch is back, but the driver and the envoy behind us will never tolerate it.” Gu **** said violently and deliberately.

So Feifei was surprised that they had been investigating the truth about the matter back then!

It seems that the driver who caused the accident was driven away. One thing is very fortunate.

Sophie has a sinister smile on her face.

“Hey, Feifei, what are you doing lately?” Gu **** asked deliberately.

But, Gu **** this in Sophie’s eyes is caring for her!

“I’ve been traveling and relaxing recently.” Sophie replied in a low voice.

However, Gu **** always felt that there was something wrong with Su Feifei, who had a temperament, and it was impossible for her to disappear.

“Why? Brother Gu’s you, no, miss me?” Su Feifei suddenly clasped the man with two arms around his neck.

Suddenly, Gu **** directly threw away the woman and looked at her coldly with both hands.

So Feifei hurriedly sorted out her clothes.

Sure enough, this man was not fooled and failed again this time!

So Feifei naturally had a burst of anger on her face and a wry expression on her face.

“Ding Ding Ding…”

Su Feifei, who looked at the teledisplay, felt a little stunned.

Why would he call himself suddenly? The moment Sophie had eyes dimmed.

“Hello?” Sophie felt very emboldened.

“Hey, Miss Su, I heard that you have returned to China, and I have also returned to China. Recently, the funds are a little nervous…” the man said slowly.

Having said that, so many men have only one eye and only one give him money!

“At the beginning, if I have some money, I have already called you and don’t call me again!” Sophie yelled angrily.

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