Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1890 by NovelsYou

“Well, it’s okay if there is no life!” Gu **** patted the Bobcat on the shoulder.

“Boom boom boom!”

Zhao Enuo suspiciously looked at the door.

Suddenly the door of a ward was opened.

“Mrs. Lin!” Zhao Enuo shouted in surprise.

Gu **** hurriedly got up when he saw someone coming.

“Don’t just lie down.” Madam Lin hurriedly stopped Gu ****.

“Something is wrong, right?” Madam Lin was worried while looking at Gu ****.

Gu Forgotten shook his head and smiled. He was curious about how Madam Lin suddenly appeared here.

“You young people tend to be impulsive when something happens.” Madam Lin pointed to the few people in front of her.

Zhao Enuo and Gu **** bowed their heads in embarrassment.

“Auntie!” Suddenly the police captain came over.

“Why don’t you let me pick you up when my auntie has you?” The captain’s face looked like guilt.

A few people in front of him were stunned in an instant. Zhao Yinuo suspiciously looked at the policeman and was curious, but he looked at Mrs. Lin and wanted to say something, but his throat seemed to be stuck, and he was speechless.

“I’ll introduce you to my nephew who has this.” Madam Lin smiled.

It turns out that not long ago, Mrs. Lin found out that she was a family member as she wished, and she did not leave the small mountain village. Maybe people don’t want to move their nests anymore when they are old.

“From now on, just ask him for anything.” Mrs. Lin patted the police nephew on the shoulder.

Several people exchanged a few words in the ward and then went back home. Gu **** also specifically instructed Mrs. Lin not to tell Liangliang that she was injured because of something to avoid worrying her children.

“I can’t do this again next time. This time, it scared me and I.” Zhao Enuo pouted, lying in the arms of the man.

Gu **** gently stroked the woman, the corners of her mouth evoked a touch of satisfaction in her hair.

Day by day is the past that instigated a group of gangsters to kidnap Shangguan Nana. The woman has been taken into the police station. Gu **** and Shangguan Nana have also been discharged from the hospital one after another.

But the lynx felt that nasty anger was still in his heart.

“Ding Ding Ding…”

Shen Zhen looked at it, and it seemed that although the ID was not displayed, the remarks had the name, but the number was very familiar.

“Hey there is a bobcat?” Shen Zhen said hello.

“Shen Zhen has you out and I am waiting for you in a western restaurant next to your company.” Bobcat said coldly.

The bobcat’s words were harsh and compelling, which surprised Shen Yan.

It turns out that bobcats can be such a man too!

Shen Zhen picked up her jacket and walked directly out of the office.

In the western restaurant, there are Shen Zhen and Bobcat sitting in a corner of the coffee shop. There are two people facing each other, each with their own serious expressions.

“Shen Jin has me a bobcat, and I don’t like to talk about any culture, but I want to ask if you can protect and take good care of Nana.” The bobcat said bluntly.

Shen Zhen had long guessed that this man came for this matter, but he would never show weakness.

“Looking for the Bobcat last time, it was true. I was wrong. I didn’t. Protect Nana. Don’t worry. Next time.” Shen Yan firmly looked at the Bobcat in front of her.

He knew that there were bobcats for the sake of Shangguan Nana, so naturally he would not be unreasonably coaxed to think that bobcats were jealous.

Lynx talked and took a sip of coffee, and then his eyes were awkward, and he looked at Shen Yan in front of him.

“Shen Zhen, if you return, next time Nana will come back to me, so please remember what you said today.” Bobcat said every word.

Shen Zhen knew that Bobcat’s words meant natural and confident in her heart, so she agreed.

In the office…

“What’s wrong with the Lynx?” Gu **** looked at the Lynx who had just returned, and was a little curious.

It’s a trivial thing that can make the Bobcats so fascinated.

“Nothing.” Bobcat smiled embarrassingly.

Gu **** put down his hand and the file slowly walked towards the Bobcats. Even if he didn’t say that there was Gu Forgotten, he could guess that there was probably Shangguan Nana who had ***.

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