Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1889 by NovelsYou

Even the stupid woman who sees this scene will know what will happen next. Shangguan Nana hurriedly got up, a long-haired man, and a hard-working woman was directly pressed to the ground.

“Don’t you, are you very strong? Then I will let you know what prostration is!” The long-haired man who was talking was a salty pig’s hand and stretched out directly to Shangguan Nana’s shirt with a button.

“Let go of my *******!” Shangguan Nana shook her head and shouted.

Little by little, the long-haired man directly faded away. Shangguan Nana was a jacket and skirt. Only the suspenders and a safety pants were left on the woman’s body. Finally, she stopped struggling.

Just when Shangguan Nana closed her eyes and endured the coming, she couldn’t let go of it in her life, it was humiliation. The door of the warehouse was kicked open suddenly.

“It’s the ******* stop for me!” Bobcat suddenly appeared at the door.

The surroundings became quiet for an instant.

At this time, it was Gu **** who was lying on the ground with only a sigh of relief and Shangguan Nana was leaning against the wall with a disheveled look. The Lynx suddenly became angry.

Behind the bobcat with a big wave, a person rushed towards the warehouse.

“Give me to death them!” The Bobcat shouted up to the sky.

“Gu ****!” Zhao Enuo immediately ran to the man and half hugged Gu ****.

“Cough!” Gu **** gave a light cough.

Rather than coughing lightly, it would be better to say that he already has no strength to cough.

“Enoch.” Gu **** stretched out his right hand and gently stroked the woman’s cheek.

The moment Zhao Enuo was the one with blood on his cheeks, Gu **** was blood!

“Gu forget that you must hold on, you can’t do anything for my good?” Zhao Enuo, who finally looked at the scarred man in front of him, collapsed.

“I’m a fool, it’s so…” Suddenly Gu forget closed his eyes.

“Gu Forgotten! Gu Forgotten!” Zhao Enuo cried loudly as he hugged the man on the ground.

“Nana, you wake me up, Bobcat!” The Bobcat hurriedly took off his coat and put it on the woman.

Shangguan Nana slowly opened her eyes.

“I want to go home for Lynx’s Lynx.” Shangguan Nana said weakly.

Suddenly, the bobcat felt distressed and immediately picked up the woman and walked out of the warehouse.

In the hospital.

Shangguan Nana and Gu Wangzheng in the ward were administering drips with their eyes closed. Next to him is Zhao Yinuo, who has been crying and she is guilty.

Gu **** usually looks like an indifferent president. He has never been bullied so much. Now being labeled as such, Zhao Enuo naturally feels uncomfortable.

“Okay Enoch’s don’t cry, he will be fine.” Ling Chen patted Zhao Enoch’s shoulder gently.

“But, why is he still awake?” Zhao Enuo clung to Gu Wangshi’s hand tightly, staring at the man on the hospital bed for fear of missing the man’s every reaction.

“Don’t touch me if you don’t! Please…” Shangguan Nana shouted.

“Nana’s awake Nana!” Shen Yan shook the woman’s body.

Suddenly Shangguan Nana sat up suddenly.

Shangguan Nana, who looked around for a while, burst into tears in Shen Yan’s arms.

“Shen Zhen’s I just had a dream. I dreamt that I was kidnapped!” Shangguan Nana cried and cried.

Perhaps Gu ****, who was quarreled by Shangguan Nana, soon woke up.

“How is Gu ****? Nothing, right?” Zhao Enuo asked anxiously.

Gu **** looked at Zhao Enuo’s face with a slight smile, and his right hand grabbed the woman with a small hand.

“Don’t worry, I have nothing to do.” Gu **** answered slowly.

Zhao Enuo finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Lynx.” Gu **** coughed.

Lynx hurriedly came to Gu ****.

“Brother, you can rest assured that you have resolved all errors and hand over to the police.” Bobcat said firmly.

Gu **** looked at Zhao Yinuo who was next to Zhao Yinuo and nodded.

Or else, Shen Zhen and Ling Chen arrived in time and estimated that the Bobcats would really kill them. Sometimes there is no humanity in the eyes of people being forced!

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