Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1881 by NovelsYou

“Why don’t grandma’s mom and dad wake up for so long?” Liangliang asked with a pair of big eyes blinking.

Next to him, the Lynx looked curiously looking at Liangliang.

When he saw that there was a woman on the hospital bed, he was shocked, and then he understood why Gu **** kept not coming back.

“Enoch’s Enoch!” Gu **** “噌” opened his eyes all of a sudden.

“Big brother, are you awake?” Bobcat looked anxiously at the man in front of him.

“Where’s Enoch of Lynx?” Gu **** grasped Lynx’s arm tightly.

I opened my eyes and called Enoch’s opinion that I don’t have to worry about Lin Yue in the future.

Mrs. Lin’s eyes flashed softly.

“Daddy, your awake mom is here!” Liangliang hurriedly shouted.

Gu **** hurriedly got out of bed and walked slowly to Lin Yue’s side, gently stroking the woman’s hair, and his eyes were full of guilt.

“Both, mine, I was wrong!” Gu **** said with a trembling voice.

“Nothing.” Suddenly Lin Yue slowly opened her eyes.

It hurts to see the woman who Gu **** blames herself for being like.

“Don’t cry for Gu Forgotten.” The woman wiped tears for Gu Forgotten.

Gu **** and Mrs. Lin were surprised in an instant. Lin Yue would never call him for Gu Forgotten, or to Mr. Gu.

No, this of Lin Yue, Zhao Enuo!

“Do you remember your name?” Gu **** asked anxiously.

“What’s the matter with you? Of course I call Zhao Enuo?” The woman coughed softly.

“I remember everything.” Zhao Yinuo stroked the man’s hair.

The warmth is the sunshine, the warmth is the breeze, the light is the fragrance of flowers, and the rush is the river…

Zhao Enuo’s memory has been fully restored.

“Mrs. Lin, thank you.” Zhao Yinuo said in a low voice.

Mrs. Lin’s excitement is the sadness and excitement looking at Zhao Enuo.

“Sister Enoch!” Suddenly Shangguan Nana broke into the ward directly.

“Nana.” Zhao Enuo shouted weakly.

Suddenly seeing that Zhao Enuo was at that moment, Shangguan Nana was lying directly on the woman’s body and cried.

Next to it, Liangliang looked at the scene in front of him, his eyes were moist.

“Sister Enoch’s where you have been for so long, we thought…” Shangguan Nana sniffed and stopped talking.

Zhao Enuo smiled and gently stroked the hair of the woman in front of him.

In fact, sometimes Shangguan Nana is really just a little woman.

“I just went out and slid around for a long time. You see me, are you back?” Zhao Enuo smiled.

“Mom.” On one side, Liangliang felt a bit wronged.

My mother recovered her memory, no, it means she doesn’t want herself anymore? It suddenly brightened that the eyes were filled with transparent liquid.

“Liangliang.” Zhao Enuo stretched out his right hand to the child.

Next to them were Shangguan Nana and Shen Zhen looking confused.

Why is the child so old?

“Mom, don’t you, don’t you want me?” Liangliang asked in a low voice while lying next to Zhao Enuo.

Zhao Enuo squeezed and brightened his cheeks and his eyes were full of love and holy care.

“You stupid child, why would the mother of a child not want you?” Zhao Enuo comforted.

Liangliang smiled instantly. Gu **** was excited when he looked at the mother and son in front of him. Only Shangguan Nana and Shen Jin’s faces were full of doubts.

“Sister Enoch, are you a child?” Shangguan Nana finally returned and couldn’t help it.

“Yes, of course, I am a child.” Zhao Enuo replied firmly.

The Shangguan Nana who looked at such a big child was speechless. Suddenly, Gu ****, Zhao Yinuo, and Mrs. Lin’s bright laugh made Shangguan Nana feel confused before and after. They were aware of it, but they didn’t tell Shangguan Nana. They like to see Shangguan Nana so cute.

Soon Gu **** and Zhao Enuo were discharged from the hospital.

Today, Zhao Enuo recovered the memory of Gu Wanglao, and brought Liangliang and Mrs. Lin with her by the way when she let her go back to her home. However, Zhao Yinuo knew very well that Mrs. Lin had lived in the small mountain village for most of her life, and was reluctant to leave the small mountain village.

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