Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1878 by NovelsYou

“He often goes to the garden to help Mrs. Lin move flowers. Mrs. Lin likes him very much.” Lin Yue replied in a low voice.

Gu **** looked at the back of A Qiang’s eyes with a trace of jealousy.

“Tomorrow I will also go to the garden to help.”

“Mr. Gu, you rest, I’ll move these flowers.” Mrs. Lin hurriedly stepped forward and stopped.

As soon as he entered the door, Mrs. Lin felt that something was wrong, and as expected, she rectified it.

“Ms. Lin’s I don’t need anyone else to help you move the flowers in the future.” Gu **** raised his head seriously and looked at Mrs. Lin in front of him.

Mrs. Lin didn’t know why Gu **** was so cold that she said such a thing, but she definitely didn’t believe it. There was no reason.

“Mr. Gu, you, Gu is the president’s so busy every day…” Mrs. Lin hesitated.

“I, say I am here in the days.” Gu **** added.

Mrs. Lin suspiciously looked at Gu Forgotten in front of her and was a little overwhelmed. A large company is the president of a large company and she is the one who moves flowers in the garden. It is spread that not only the small mountain village where she is famous is also famous.

As it was getting dark, Gu **** looked at his Zhan Guo’s face with a gratified smile. But, Mrs. Lin next to her looked embarrassed.

Finally the two people walked out of the garden.

All along the way, Mrs. Lin was thanking Gu ****, but Gu Wangsu kept answering “All, it should be.” This made Mrs. Lin a little entangled.

“Grandma’s father’s you are back.” Liangliang suddenly ran out.

Mrs. Lin was stunned and then recovered her previous expression.

This child is so blatantly calling someone “Dad”!

“Call Uncle Bright!” Lin Yue shouted loudly in the kitchen.

Gu ****, who heard the woman’s voice, hurried to the kitchen.

“Why are you cooking? I’ll do it.” Gu **** directly pushed the woman aside.

Looking at the cooking skill so proficiently, Lin Yue, who is Gu forgetting, evokes a touch of satisfaction at the corner of her mouth. She seemed to be used to everything he did to herself.

Watching Lin Yue’s obsession with Gu forgetting in the kitchen, Mrs. Lin slowly approached.

“Hey you, what do you think?” Mrs. Lin gently patted Lin Yue’s shoulder and her eyes turned towards the kitchen, which was Gu ****.

Lin Yue was instantly embarrassed.

It’s wrong that she likes that man, but she still doesn’t believe in love at first sight. What people say is love at first sight is that if the face is so beautiful, one day, Gu ****, who has become yellowish, will not dislike her as well.

“I don’t know.” Lin Yue lowered her head in embarrassment.

Looking at the woman who hesitated in front of her, Mrs. Lin knew clearly.

If you don’t like it, how can you be so entangled?

“I’m a craftsman for those who come and eat!” Gu **** smiled and brought the dishes to the table.

“Wow, Dad’s smells so good, will you cook for me every day, okay?” Liang Liangtian asked really.

“Hey, Liangliang’s father is very busy!” Lin Yue whispered and pushed the child’s arm.

Suddenly, Mrs. Lin was stunned, and Gu **** was stunned. The air was quiet.

“**** what did you just say?” Liang Liang suspiciously looked at Lin Yue in front of him.

Lin Yue suddenly realized that she had said something wrong and hurriedly picked up the chopsticks and gave the child a piece of meat.

“I, uncle is very busy to eat quickly.” Lin Yue explained.

Just now I was really, how could I say the word “Dad” when my head was watts.

Lin Yue suddenly felt a headache.

After the meal, Mrs. Lin and Liangliang sat on the sofa and watched TV. Lin Yue applied ointment in the room. Gu **** walked over and grabbed the ointment from the woman’s hand.

“I’ll help you apply it.” Gu **** said while blowing on the wound on the woman’s knee.

Lin Yue looked at the man in front of her with a smile of happiness and satisfaction.

“Ding Ding Ding…”

Gu **** looked at the telegraph, Bobcat.

“Hi, brother, when will you come back and those shareholders who don’t come back are going to do something again.” Bobcat said anxiously.

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