Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1660 by NovelsYou

Gu **** didn’t talk, and the lynx who shook his head really suspected that there was wine yesterday, like Meng Po soup, which made a person go crazy yesterday. Someone turned into such a calm silence. There is another state. Every time I see Gu ****, it becomes the present. If he has grievances against Zhao Enuo, he is a bit more silent.

“Boss, you don’t take your own body as your body. When have you ever drunk so much since we met you, I’ll take this bowl of soup to heat it up, you lie down and rest.”

Gu Wanghuan, sitting there alone, he stared at the green plants outside the window. A person with a sense of thought seemed to drift far away and there were places beyond the reach of others.

The Lynx sighed softly, carrying the soup and retired. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Shangguan Nana hiding beside the door frame. He pulled Shangguan Nana with one arm and tiptoed away.

“How is he talking to you? Is his mood a little better?”

The Bobcat smiled bitterly, “Okay…fortunately, there are so many people who were completely heartbreaking last night, but the low-spirited ones also ignore him when they talk to him.”

Shangguan Nana also had a sad look on her face, “Huh? So serious? It seems that Sister Enoch has done something true to him this time, which makes Brother Gu **** sad.”

“It’s more than that, sad…it’s so bad. I don’t think he is motivated to live.” The Bobcat suddenly remembered that he had a photo taken on his mobile phone and he ran to the study and entered this mailbox on his own computer. Address and sender s.

Shangguan Nana followed him and looked at the sender s. Sure enough, this person had nothing but nicknames. The lynx was confused by this s. There was Shangguan Nana on the side, but she patted her forehead. Exclaimed, “I know the i!! Find out if he has an i address and find it back along the way!!”

“Yeah, how did I think about it.” The Bobcat quickly tapped on the keyboard and finally found his i-address in the original information sent on the opposite side.

However, since the person who sent the message was anonymized, how could it be easy for people to easily find the i-address of the Bobcat he found, but found that every photo of that person sent with a different i-address, could it be this person, Have you sent it one by one in more than 20 places?

Has the clue that Shangguan Nana and Lynx looked at each other ended here? Lynx rubbed his temples with a headache when closing the computer.

“Why are people doing this kind of thing? Do you say that the lynx who uses this kind of photo to threaten others has his eyes, for the money?”

Bobcat glanced at her and replied very calmly, “Not at all. If he has the money and money, he will take the photo to find Zhao Yinuo, because Zhao Yinuo will definitely protect her and her husband’s marriage. Buying these photos from him, and if he has the vision and money, he can only maximize his own benefits through Zhao Enuo’s line.”

“The reason for the money is almost nothing.” Shangguan Nana squeezed her chin. “Could it be that they have feelings to destroy them?”

Bobcat did not directly answer that Shangguan Nana had a guess, and then asked her, “Nana, you are not the one you have thought about. Zhao Enuo really did something. Sorry, the boss has something. You also know that the boss has the company always prepared. All the stocks and securities that the outside media pay attention to are related to the boss’s every move. If the emotional discord between the president of Gu’s enterprise and his wife is suddenly exposed, do you know how much volatility will cause the stock market price?”

Seeing that Shangguan Nana is rare to refute him, she took out the lynx who had something hidden in her heart. Many photos and facts are placed in front of you. Sometimes you ask yourself from the bottom of your heart. Do you really believe that Zhao Enuo has those so-called love theories? Do you really think that one? She showed it to please my boss. Excuse me?”

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