Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1659 by NovelsYou

It took a long time for the two to toss and finally settle Gu ****. It is fortunate that Gu **** has stopped struggling since he got in the car. He slept peacefully and steadily. It was the only one who whispered a few words from time to time. It’s him, the dream must not be as stable as he fell asleep.

In the morning of the next day, everything was the same, but something changed invisibly. Gu Forgotten only remembered himself. Finally, the memory was frozen in the bar. He was drinking. How did he get to this place?

The top of his head is blue, and the ceiling is Gu ****’s tilted head and a lot of his surroundings. The environment is not moving his head. Fortunately, this movement of his head is what he thinks of himself, not having a head. It was yesterday. He didn’t think that it was him who had such a great stamina, and his head only felt painful and painful.

The surroundings were unfamiliar, and the furnishings convinced him that he was true. He was not at home because he was holding the bed and wanted to stand up. That was when he realized that he was wearing it. It was not yesterday. The clothes were brought here by someone to help him change by the way. Are you out of clothes?

He, the phone is placed next to him, and on the bedside table, he picked it up and saw that the phone was still dark and it was turned off as if it was him. With his hands in his hair, he seemed to want to find a little bit from his own fragments and memories. About midnight after yesterday, a fragment.

The door of the room was pushed open with a squeak. Shangguan Nana was holding a bowl of soup, “Gu ****, brother, did you wake up?”

“I… why am I here?”

“You drank too much last night because the Bobcat and I found you in the bar after looking for you for a long time. Then I brought it back for you. It’s on you. The clothes are the Bobcat for you to change.”

Gu forgot to get out of bed, “I… don’t worry about my business.”

Shangguan Nana took the soup and handed the soup to him, “Brother Gu **** was what you really drank yesterday. Too much, so hurry up and drink this sober soup, otherwise you will have a headache all day.”

Shangguan Nana handed him the soup and went out to shout for the Bobcats, but to forget that she was staring at the reflection of herself in the room, and Tang Shui was in a daze.

He still remembered what he saw yesterday afternoon. Those photos were of that scene. The scene was him, and his chest was uncomfortable. It was so hot that his throat was going to burst out. The splash was two or three drops splashed on him. On the back of his hand, he didn’t know it was spilled on the table. Those few drops were like traces of rain falling into the river when it rained.

“Boss, are you awake?” Bobcat poked half of his head through the crack in the door. It looks like a spy came to investigate the intelligence.

The Lynx squeezed in and then closed the door calmly. He was sitting opposite Gu ****. The two of them were silent on the chair for a long time.

I don’t know how long it took Shangguan Nana to bring it in. The soup was cold and it was the Bobcats who had the courage to say, “Boss, I’m sorry because I’ve concealed one thing from you before. It’s me… I actually…”

“Does it make sense to talk about these things now?” Gu **** raised his eyes to see him as the endless, deep, desperate is that he has sunk into the bottom of the sea and helpless, and there is no one who can save him.

The Lynx didn’t know what to say, but it took a long time to say “…then…what are you going to do next?”

“I have no idea.”

It’s very concise, but in Bobcat, he has never heard of Gu **** saying that he doesn’t know what to do. It’s in him, and in his cognition, Gu **** should come up with it immediately no matter what happens. Countermeasures, that kind of fearlessness, people shouldn’t become as helpless as they are now.

This kind of betrayal is casually placed on any man, it is probably an unforgivable, fault. Especially in the face of someone you trust so much, people are so she, betrayal will naturally become a fatal blow.

The Lynx asked him tremblingly, “Then… Do I still need to investigate those things?” He was too afraid that if he accidentally said something wrong, he would easily touch the problem that he cares most about.

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