Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1658 by NovelsYou

Originally, the Lynx had the strength to bear the weight of Gu ****, which is not a problem at all, but Gu **** has been uncooperatively swinging. The Lynx entered such a place and was dizzy.When he moved like this, he almost got tired. The lynx fell to the ground together.

When Shangguan Nana saw that the lynx couldn’t help Gu ****, she took the initiative to pick up Gu ****’s arm on her neck, let the lynx hold his other arm, and the two took Gu **** away together.

With the help of this taekwondo black belt, the bobcat took Gu Wangyou and the road went a lot smoother. Together, the two helped Gu **** to the car. Shangguan Nana drove the navigation and found it here. The road was quickly forgotten, so the Bobcat took the driver’s seat.

“Why did Gu **** drink so much? How did you find it here?” In the car, Shangguan Nana finally asked her question.

“I really don’t think that there are people like Zhao Yinuo. Fortunately, we helped her to keep the secret before, and helped her hide the boss behind her back. If we wanted to, we revealed the facts to the boss before, and the boss would not think that she is a person. I’m hiding it from him, betraying him… and I won’t come here to drink like this…”

Because in the middle of the night, there were few people in the car, and the Bobcats were out of breath and seemed to have a car soon. He slapped his left hand toward the steering wheel, “No, I must make such a bad breath for the boss.”

“You drive slowly…” Shangguan Nana yelled anxiously from the back seat, and Gu **** twitched her hand next to her. She turned her head and looked over. Gu ****’s mouth was still muttering words, constantly changing. Sitting position.

“Don’t do anything behind your back. Don’t touch Sister Enoch. I still believe that Sister Enoch has character.” Shangguan Nana defended Zhao Enoch.

The bobcat slows down when driving. “Don’t you see those photos? One photo may be misunderstood, two photos may be accidental, but when more than 20 photos appear in front of you, sometimes, you really have Do you think something went wrong in only one link?”

Shangguan Nana continued to retort, “Then you have thought about where these photos came from, and who did they take them?”

The Bobcat was silent for a while, and then said, “It’s the saying,’Seeing is believing’. We saw it twice with our own eyes. Isn’t that enough? As for the sources of these photos, I will definitely investigate them carefully.”

Shangguan Nana stopped talking. She actually believed that Zhao Enuo had a personality, but she couldn’t deny the old saying that’seeing is believing’. Seeing Gu **** being drunk and looking drunk next to him, and the bobcat who was about to take the steering wheel to breathe, she chose to remain silent.

The scenery outside the window is fading quickly, soft and moonlight on the ground, like shrouding the earth with a hazy and gauze lining, rendering this night a mysterious and colorful color.

On the other side, Zhao Enuo held the chopsticks and watched Ling Chen make four dishes and one soup. For some reason, she felt an uneasy feeling in her heart. .

“Don’t want to eat it?” Ling Chen put his hands on the table. “What’s wrong?”

Zhao Enuo filled a bowl full of chopsticks to the side, and tried to squeeze a smile from his mouth, “It’s delicious.”

The food is really delicious, but she doesn’t know why it is so special, it is vaguely heartache, it is a kind of inexplicable and inexplicable special feelings.

It was the first time for Zhao Enuo to eat Lingchen to cook and have a meal, but it was not as pleasant as she imagined. At the dinner table, she and Ling Chen didn’t say a word, like the two in the university cafeteria did not know each other. Someone was eating at the same table, and it was obviously embarrassing. But between the two people, they seemed very plain. Both of them didn’t have any emotions, but they were full of thoughts.

After Shangguan Nana helped the Lynx to take Gu **** into the guest room, she helped to make a pot of hot water and sent it to the room for the Lynx to clean Gu ****. She took a set of shirts that Bobcats don’t usually wear in the closet and gave it to him as well.

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