Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1656 by NovelsYou

Then he went to the park where the four people used to gather, restaurants, and other entertainment venues, but he was helpless to see Gu ****’s shadow. Even the driver was curious and asked him what happened. He almost turned the whole city over. .

As soon as I looked for it, the two-hour Bobcat felt that no matter how hard he was in the army, he was so tired before, so he wanted to cry and impulsively, the body was tired and he was never as tired as the heart. He leaned on the co-pilot and had a neck. With a hand on the pillow covering her eyes, her thumb kept rubbing her temples.

“Where is the boy going now? I have driven all those places.”

Lynx has a full voice, tired, “If you don’t know, go straight.”

The driver drove straight for two minutes. The Bobcat had a cell phone in his pocket and he started to call. He thought that Gu **** was rushing to call and picked up the phone.

“Hello? Boss? I have found you wherever you are now. It’s almost a night!”

On the other end of the phone, a stranger with a male voice replied that sometimes the Bobcat immediately noticed something was wrong. He took the mobile phone in his ear and took a closer look.

How could this person hold the boss with a cell phone, suppressing curiosity and calmly answering the phone again.

“Which one of you can hold my friend who has a cell phone?”

“Your friend asked him if he drank too much here. He didn’t say anything. He lost a cell phone and fell asleep here. He fell asleep and he didn’t fall asleep here. What’s wrong, but he still has no money for the drink. There are so many bottles of vodka, many rich people, I just watched his last call to you here. Is there time for you to come over and pick someone up? Otherwise, I will call the police.”

The Bobcats quickly told the driver to turn around, “May I ask if you have a store, I will rush over the money, don’t call the police if you have any problems.”

The man reported a list of addresses to the Bobcats, and even the Bobcats who claim to be city maps are not familiar with places. The driver arrived at the Bobcats to find this bar.

After paying the fare, the Bobcats found out that he had only 200 yuan left on him, but now he can’t even care about the more money and less money. The key is to receive talents.

The deafening sound of music and dancing when he just stepped into the bar almost made him doubt his life. He couldn’t help but sigh that the door was so soundproofed that the quality of soundproofing was so good.

The place is not very crowded, but it is everywhere. There are noble princes and some unshaven, stubborn men and other human beings, and they are dressed in revealing clothes, such as monsters and demons, and women. Let him get a layer of goose bumps.

The bobcat, why not, the first time I came to such a place, the light above my head kept changing colors, which made people’s eyes dazzling and even their heads became unclear. This dim and noisy environment made him lost in a short while. His appearance of being out of touch with the surrounding environment attracted several bartenders to look at him.

Soon the waiter asked him, no, he came here to find someone and took the initiative to lead the Bobcat to find Gu ****.

Gu **** is lying on a coffee-colored bar counter. He looks weak and weak, but the Lynx must be asleep because he swayed with one hand and held the glass with the other half holding the bottle. When the Bobcat walked over, he drank half of the wine in one glass.

He rushed over and snatched the bottle in his hand. Because of the angle problem just now, he saw that there was a row of vodka bottles blocked by Gu ****’s half of his body.

“You put it down for me!!” Bobcat’s impression is unforgettable. He is very good at drinking and there are people. He used to go out with clients to socialize, only doing superficial work, thinking that he was so desperate this time. Drink vodka as water.

As soon as he sat next to him, he almost fell to the ground due to the overwhelming scent of alcohol on his body.

Gu **** had a happy smile when he saw him because the drink was real. Too many of his very slurred lynx couldn’t understand what he was talking about, but he only saw him as if and kindly invited him to drink with him. .

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