Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1655 by NovelsYou

It’s the first time in his life that he stepped into a place like a bar. He told Zhao Enuo before that there were people who didn’t look at the bar the least in his life. At that time, Zhao Enuo asked seriously why he still remembered the answer at the time. Because these people are lazy, self-owned and don’t work hard, they will only go to such a feasting place and use alcohol to paralyze their nerves. They are all losers who have been eliminated by society…They are the scum of society.”

Looking at the few bottles of vodka in front of him, he laughed at himself and laughed at himself and looked down on others. Have you not become like them? Have you become a big guy who is completely kept in the dark by others? The fool has become what you hate most.

The dark blue color of vodka is like the endless sea, but he is a traveler who is drowning in the deep sea and can’t catch the straw.

The glass in his hand reflected a beautiful face of a woman who stared at that face and looked at it in obscurity for a long time. Finally, he drank the wine in the glass. “Zhao Enuo is you who made me like this. .”

On the other side, there is a Lynx who is holding back his apology to Gu ****, who came to the company and wanted to see him. Gu ****’s friendship for many years has the courage to come here.

“Sorry, sir, the president went out very early.”

“Do you know where he went?”

The assistant smiled apologetically at him, “I’m sorry that there is a president, but if you reveal that there is something important, you can sit in the president’s office for a while and wait for the president to come back.”

Lynx waved his hand, “No…no, there is nothing important if I come back another day.”

The assistant still had an official smile on his face.

The bobcat nodded, thinking that there are workaholics like Gu **** who always bury himself in the business pile all the time, when will he learn to give himself a vacation? I was about to leave his office but found that it was dark already. There seemed to be something in the office, something was still on, there was a faint light.

The door of the office was not there. It was completely closed. It was just concealed. He walked in and saw that a white laptop was still operating. The light from the screen was projected on the wall. It was the source of the gloomy light.

“When did the boss become so careless, someone would forget to turn off the computer after going out.” Bobcat muttered to himself.

As soon as he held the mouse in his hand, he saw a photo in the center of the screen with a man and a woman walking side by side in the market.

“Enoch? Also, Ling Chen?”

Ever since he found Ling Chen’s personal information through various investigations and studies, the Lynx has always regarded Ling Chen as the number one enemy. This person destroys other people’s feelings and has a bad personality.

With the courage, he flipped down and flipped down. There is no good enough for me. More than 20 photos with different angles turned out to be Zhao Enuo and Ling Chen.

He turned on the phone camera “哢嚓哢嚓” and took pictures of what he saw, including the email address and the sender, all of which were saved to the phone, and one of the photos was sent to Shangguan Nana with voice Jane. After telling the story, she made her think about where Gu **** might go.

It’s no wonder that the old Dalian computer just ran out like this. It was replaced by his own hand. The enemy destroyed the computer.

He walked out of Gu ****’s office restlessly, what should he do, he wouldn’t want to open it, he’s not that fragile, he just needs a little time to quietly have a bobcat telling himself that there is but it’s like comfort Own.

After the Bobcat stopped a car on the side of the road and reported several addresses with him, he asked the driver to pass through these places in turn. In order to save time, he was all carried in the same car on the road.

He went to Gu ****’s house first. Not to mention the door inside, even the big iron door at the door, he can’t even open it. Gu **** has been, two or three days ago, I have come to see them both old and some have asked the Bobcat if he knows what Gu **** has been up to lately. The Bobcat casually broke up with the two old men and did not dare to tell them what happened.

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