Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1654 by NovelsYou

Ling Chen smiled, “Yes, you have to buy more, but you have to try to cook by yourself. Can you not use yourself for the sake of work? Abandon your health. Regardless of the fact that someone is alive, everything is nothing but healthy. If there is one, there is no one, and there is more after one, and zero is in vain.”

Zhao Yinuo also followed him, appearing to have bargained with others, but he could not see that a pair of eyes not far away had already focused on her and Ling Chen. And Ling Chen turned around, and at that moment, she met that gaze. The master had Ling Chen, and her gaze became cunning and sharp.

Unconsciously, when I arrived at the door of the house, Zhao Enuo unscrewed the door handle and greeted Ling Chen to come in. There was a house that had not been cleaned for a long time, and a lot of dust had accumulated.

Cultivation is as good as Ling Chen, people can’t help but wave and fan the air, the dampness.

Zhao Yinuo quickly shifted his attention, “I’ll wipe the stove.”


Ling Chen’s pocket was adjusted to a vibration mode, and the phone rang. It was obvious that Zhao Enuo was no longer there. He took out the phone to unlock the lock screen.

From s, newsletter.

It greeted the eyes, very short, five words “photo has been sent.”

Gu’s Enterprise.

“General Gu’s Huafeng was sent by Co., Ltd., and please have a look at the cooperation letter.”

“Okay.” Gu **** held a pile of kraft paper. He felt surprised that there was an assistant who was always very good at talking. How did anyone use the word’send’ to send him files this time. Which company came to send it? Do files need to be’posted’?

He would wrap it around the button of the kraft paper bag, the thread was loose a few times, and the manuscript was carefully pulled out from the inside. In addition to the cover, there are a few co-authored characters inside. Each piece of paper has a mailbox and address written on it.

Gu **** didn’t know what was wrong with him. It was a kind of magic that he would think he was not pleasing to his eyes. The employees were deliberately playing pranks with him. There is tempting him to open.

He clicked on his laptop computer three times and divided five by two, and entered that address. There were a piece of mail displayed there. The first piece of mail had the word’welcome’ written in English. He clicked down tremblingly, that cut head.

The English word for “exploration” is obviously very prank, and the skill is good, but Gu Forgotten feels like he will know what it is right away.

Then I scrolled down and there was an English word that still had “truth” written on it, and my heart also popped up with this word and was shocked for a while.

The last English word of’truth’ has a back, and every email is only taken one by one. The photos have a man and a woman in the photo. In daily life, they chat and take care of each other. Men are very careful and give women. Peeling an apple is even more’intimate’, the photo.

Just like a real couple, they go shopping, buy vegetables, and bargain with vendors.

*** knows how his pictures are there, and every picture is chilling, and I read all the pictures in their entirety.

There is no sadness, there is no heartbreak, and even he is not angry. These days, every message has been seen, everything is related to her, and things have exhausted his whole body, and there is no time to go now. I wonder if he has time to take into account that he is exhausted and there is no way to be angry with her anymore.

But there is still one thing to do if there is him, there are those who go back to the hospital, and there are him who want to see with his own eyes whether she is still there or not, who is still waiting for him.

He didn’t even have time to close the computer and ran out alone in order not to catch up with the commute time. When the traffic jams, he even wanted to go near and far away. He found a different way and copied a trail to send her to him. The hospital ran to that hospital.

On the side of the road, the street scene was like the Lantern Festival, with the revolving lantern next to him. Everything was moving backwards from him. When he arrived at the hospital out of breath, there was nothing left in that ward when he arrived at the hospital out of breath.

“Sure enough, it’s gone.”

As soon as he speaks, he laughs at himself and laughs at himself. Gu Forgotten. Gu Forgotten. You already have the answer. Why do you waste time to come over and see for yourself? Are you satisfied with that answer?

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