Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1653 by NovelsYou

“Anyway, after I go back, there is someone who takes care of himself. If I can’t take care of work and report, it’s better to inject some nutrient solution here.”

Ling Chen handed her the apple in her hand “nutrient solution? Did you treat yourself like this at a young age?”

Zhao Yinuo had to take the apple he handed him. “Ling Chen thank you for being able to come here to see when I was sick. I also helped me bring the things I needed. To be honest, I was so many years old. What I have always owed you is that you don’t have to do this to me in the future. I don’t want to owe someone else forever.”

Ling Chen pretended to be angry, “Who do you always think of me?”

“Good friend.” Zhao Yinuo replied.

“Other than that?”

“Well…then you still have a great benefactor who saved my life.” Zhao Enuo answered seriously.

Ling Chen sighed, “Then now…Do I have anyone else?”

“Of course not!” Zhao Enuo quickly denied.

“I finally rest assured that Enoch is my permission to owe me a lifetime of favor.” Ling Chen smiled at her.

“…Ling Chen is that I really don’t know what to say. It’s right. I’ll invite you to dinner in two days. Even if I can thank you…” She didn’t even finish her words and waved her hand to interrupt. “Invite me to dinner? No, it’s too simple. I don’t have a bit of technical content. That’s right. We’ve known you for so many years, but you don’t seem to know you. If you have eaten my meal, why not come to me this time? It’s a lot more reasonable than asking me to eat out.”

Zhao Enuo, some hesitation “This…”

Ling Chen has already begun to help her tidy up the archive manuscripts that put a bed together “Don’t this, that, that is that you just promised to repay me, but you can’t say anything.”

“Okay…” Zhao Yinuo responded and took a bite of the apple that Ling Chen had just handed over. I don’t know where the apple came from. The apple is as ripe, bitter, sour, and unpalatable. People shed tears.

Ling Chen also knew that he did not know how to measure. He took Zhao Enuo to his home and chose to go to the place where Zhao Enuo rented. Zhao Enuo scratched his head embarrassedly when he heard it, “I’m sorry Ling Chen is that I hardly cook, so I don’t even have rice there, let alone the ingredients.”

Ling Chen also didn’t, showing the helplessness she imagined, she laughed very cheerfully. “That can also be but as compensation, you have to go to the vegetable market with me.”

“Huh?” Zhao Enuo didn’t realize that Ling Chen pulled her sleeve and left.

The vegetable market is filled with the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables and various meats. Most of the people who come here are kind-looking old people with their grandchildren or middle-aged couples. Bargaining with vendors is like Zhao Enuo and Ling. Chen’s strange combination is quite noticeable.

“The boss is how much is this sea oyster per catty?”

“Sell for nine yuan a catty.”

“No, it’s too expensive. I’ll buy more for seven dollars.”

“Well, seven yuan is seven yuan.”

Zhao Enuo touched Ling Chen with his elbow.

Ling Chen put a bag of sea oysters in front of her, “It’s hard work and thrifty. People with money should know how to live.”

Next, Ling Chen took her to buy some nutritious fruits and vegetables such as fresh melons and fruits. Ling Chen’s skill at bargaining is really a must. Zhao Enuo said in his heart that it’s a refreshing boss. Of course, it’s rare, but his mouth is always the best. Someone can convince people to agree to his bargaining request.

“Ling Chen, do you often come here to buy food?” Zhao Yinuo asked.

“Well… it’s not that you are usually busy with research in n, but usually lunch and dinner are solved in the cafeteria, but it is very rare. I have no time to cook by myself.”

Zhao Yinuo’s hand holding the bag tightly tightened. “Although I can cook, I always cook those dishes over and over again. When I quarreled with Gu Wangzhen and caused conflicts, I usually eat it by a nanny. Rice and vegetables. Buying so many ingredients this time makes me really worried that I won’t be able to finish eating…”

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