Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1652 by NovelsYou

She called to the design department. A female employee called to ask her to take the design drawing to the hospital. The female colleague quickly agreed. But she thought that maybe it is only this cumbersome work that can force her to stop. Think about anything related to Gu ****.

But it’s her on the big side, and the final report of the major is still lost on the school side. But she doesn’t have anything to do. The classmates can bring her and bring her things. Is it true that the kind of popularity is not good or the character is bad? , Guy?

Thinking about it is not so clear, the mood gets worse. She put the quilt on herself, and on her head, she wanted to force herself to sleep for a while. It just so happened that someone was standing at the door and knocking on the door. The female colleague she thought she should have arrived. Just muffled in the quilt and shouted “Please come in.”

“Qin Lan did you put the design drawing next to it, and the cabinet is just fine. I would trouble you to take a trip.”

The visitor didn’t respond to her yes, so she went straight to her. She was a pair of nice and fair-skinned, with her hands attached to her head. The quilt was obviously not a woman, hands.

“Just put things aside, thank you.” Zhao Enuo tightened the quilt and felt strange in his heart.


The man made a clear cough. It was Zhao Enuo’s trembling that was true at that moment. He understood what it meant by “sitting up in a dying illness, but laughing and asking where did the guest come from?”

Ling Chen was hit by a carp, and the way she got up was amused. Zhao Yinuo was relieved when he saw him.

“You… I thought… my colleague.”

“Then you saw me, did you feel happier?” Ling Chen’s smile at her was gentle as a sunrise.

Zhao Yinuo was uncomfortable when asked, but it suddenly appeared in his mind that she had used medicine to help Ling Chen that day, and the latter grabbed her hand. Can’t help feeling extremely embarrassed.

Ling Chen took the initiative to break the deadlock because he took it out from behind and brought the things to her like a treasure.


A pile of snow-white paper was sent to her. It was not only that she was in the company, but also that she was in the school. The final report was all brought by Ling Chen.

Zhao Yinuo’s eyes were shining like a peerless treasure. She took it with her hands. “***, I didn’t think you brought all these things here. It’s Ling Chen, you are in my stomach, roundworm!” How do you know that I want to get the final report from the school? And even my company, you, and the design drawings you brought here! This is incredible!!!”

“I wanted to go to your company to see that you happened to meet you. The female colleague said that I wanted to come over and send you the files. I think you definitely need the school. So the final report is so I took the initiative to bring things to you. It was you… …You won’t blame me, do you?”

Zhao Enuo smiled, his eyes turned into crescent moons and he watched his hands turn over, page after page, printed “It won’t be me, thank you, it’s too late.”

Ling Chen shook his head helplessly, “It seems that I am not as attractive as these files.”

On Zhao Enuo’s face, the smile was even brighter, “Don’t be kidding you, sit down.”

Ling Chen casually pulled a chair and sat down by her bed. “By the way, you still didn’t tell me why I was suddenly sent to the hospital? Are you sick? Is it serious?”

“Oh… I’m ashamed to say that I went to the nursing home to see Chen Hao that day because of anemia, and I fell directly at the door.”

Ling Chen picked up an apple from the cabinet, and said while peeling an apple, “I guess it’s like you. Workaholics must be so tired because of work that they are overwhelming.”

Zhao Enuo has taken the ball-point pen off the side of the file folder and drew a few strokes on the paper while holding the pen. “But there is no major event that I can leave the hospital at any time.”

Ling Chen broke one off and threw the apple peel to the trash can. “Since you can leave the hospital at any time, why do you continue to work here?”

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