Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1651 by NovelsYou

“My hands are numb…”

Only then did Gu **** remember to start himself, and let Zhao Enuo pull out his hand, “Are you awake?”


“How long have you eaten well on time? It’s hard for you to work all night? You think you have a mobile phone and can be on standby for 24 hours.” Gu **** began to teach her a lesson.

Zhao Enuo curled his lips aggrievedly, “Why started to teach me again…”

“I am not teaching Zhao Enuo, but I am teaching my son, mother!” Gu **** said.

“Okay, okay, it’s because I thought my dizziness was caused by lack of sleep. I didn’t have it and didn’t know it would be so serious that I would faint…” Zhao Enuo’s voice was weak but still vigorous.

Gu **** thought she was still unaware of her fault, “What? Are you still sophistry? Look at how old you are, and you still can’t take care of yourself. It’s just you, who gave it to you, courage secretly from my parents’ house. Chen Hao takes it away.”

Zhao Yinuo couldn’t help but burst into laughter when he knew that he was obviously worried but still had a stubborn mouth to teach her.

Gu **** was anxious and laughed. It was two people just like that. Look at me, I think you laughed unscrupulously together.

When I didn’t know why, he suddenly laughed out loud, just as at this time, Gu **** didn’t know why he suddenly laughed out loud, which shocked him.

“Don’t talk about this Enoch…you…you really, don’t want to tell me Ling…Ling Chen…what?” Gu Forgotten his face, smiling because he wanted to ask her calmly. This thing is, but I didn’t think that the words came to my lips but became so stuttered.

Outside the window, Xia Chan was finished, and she continued to sing them with insight.

Zhao Yinuo shook her head, but she paused for a moment and had the courage to say “I… I and Ling Chen are actually…”

“Ling Ling Ling–” The ear-piercing, untimely ringing was Gu ****’s face. Apologizing, he said to Zhao Enuo, “I’m sorry that I went out to answer the phone.”

Zhao Enuo’s heart was completely empty, but he couldn’t tell. The taste was as if you originally poured your whole body and strength on a fist, but you were empty in front of you and hit everything.

In less than a minute, Gu **** just hung up the phone and walked in. He seemed to be visiting a very familiar, old friend, but it was not like taking care of himself, lover.

When he approached Zhao Enoch, he gently tucked the quilt for her. It seemed that he would not mention the topic before, “Enoch is a meeting on the company side. I have to hurry over and participate in it. Don’t worry, I’m waiting for it. I’ll come back to accompany you after the matter is settled…”

“You go…” She didn’t have any willful or unreasonable coaxes. A woman would not speak her heart even if she didn’t want to be tens of thousands in her heart.

Gu **** leaned over to leave a tenderness on her forehead. The kiss was when he was close to her. The moment was refreshing. The taste immediately wrapped Zhao Enuo tightly and warmly, and the breath could make people burst into tears in an instant.

“That’s me leaving.” Gu **** said.

“Um…” She nodded slightly.

He turned around. At that moment, she was like grabbing him. The corner of the clothes was saying to him,’Gu forget that I hope you don’t leave, but I want you to accompany me. ‘She, holding her hand in mid-air emptily was the last only to catch him passing by, that piece of air.

The right hand was weak in the air, and the heart suddenly fell with this action, and the tears also fell with it. This looks very harmonious, and getting along is in Zhao Enuo’s heart as if there is something missing that makes her feel uncomfortable anyway.

It seems that something in the dark is changing invisibly into a completely different appearance from the original. Tell her to give birth to a feeling of loss from deep in her heart.

She tried her best to get rid of all the chaos in her mind, and her thoughts were far away.Yes, but these things are like scissors and they are still messy. Pay attention to it.

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