Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1650 by NovelsYou

Zhao Enuo will sit in the fifth position of the third row in the audience. Gu **** always asks her to move forward a little bit forward, but Zhao Enuo said that this position has a wonderful position to watch the ball, and will not give it to the front. Mian Mimei raised a sign to block her, and she could see everyone on the court.

At that time, Gu **** always pretended to be angry, why should he see everyone, just see me. Zhao Yinuo was amused by him. She said, then I will bring a magnifying glass and just magnify Gu **** alone, so that Gu **** can occupy all my vision.

Gu **** kissed her with cheeks, she blushed immediately when she had a face, and was about to explode, urging him to train as soon as possible, there is a sports field, but the two of them, both of them are enjoying my eyes, just you have a good time, a dating place It doesn’t matter where it is, it does matter when I love you, and you love me, nothing more.

Love is not the same as marriage. A marriage involves two families. There are countless people involved. If you knew that marriage was more complicated than love, it would bring harm to each other time and time again. Gu **** thought, he would definitely not be so. Proposed to her a long time ago.

Although Zhao Yinuo’s personality is soft, he is definitely a woman in his bones. She can’t tolerate his distrust of her, and can’t tolerate her imperfections and become a burden to her lover. It was destined that she would propose to break up at that time, and then fly abroad without a word for treatment, even if he always hates her, because hate is easier to let go than love.

She didn’t think about going around and marrying him, but she didn’t even think that she would be broken by his distrust.

Gu ****’s extremely insecure sense of some people, this state aggravated and deepened when Zhao Enuo told him, “We broke up, I like someone”. After being polished clean, the brothers left him one after another after the addition, and he even showed his lack of security to the fullest.

This way, you have forgotten, and you tell him how can he really let go of his guard against a person, Zhao Enuo can’t do it, and he feels in his heart that no one in this world can do it.

A person is naive, and a person is childish. It can all be attributed to his inner emotions. The more he has experienced, the more he can feel the continuous advancement of this world, and he has stayed in place. The cruelty of this world is, It is not beautiful. He is naive and thinks that he can change everything, but when everything deviates from his vision, he will develop a sense of powerlessness from his heart, which instantly spreads all over his body.

If Gu **** really knew what Zhao Enuo had to say, maybe she wouldn’t be asking for an explanation.

Zhao Yinuo was still looking for an exit in the long tunnel. For some reason, she found that the thick fog around her was gradually condensing into a graceful arc, leading her to keep walking forward. It also gradually brightens, and the exit is close at hand.

There was light in the distance that seemed to have been blocked by a figure beside her. She turned her head to see who the figure was. Exit, like reminding her to go out.

Zhao Yinuo looked in the direction he pointed, and at the exit, there were beautiful flowers, butterflies flying, and long trails. When she wanted to look at the figure next to her, she found that he didn’t know when. , Disappeared.

Zhao Yinuo opened her eyes, her hand seemed to be pressed by a heavy object, and she was a little numb. She moved her head and saw Gu Wangzheng pressing on her arm and sleeping very heavily.

She carefully drew her arms twice, without taking her own hands out of him. She finally had a memory that she was arguing with him, she accidentally fainted, and he ran over and called her name.

She was pressed by him and the one moved by hand “Gu forget…”

Gu ****’s sleepy eyes and expressions made Zhao Yinuo unable to cry or laugh, and finally understood that every time Chen Hao woke up, sometimes his face was awkward. Who am I, and who I want to have the inheritance of the shape of the bottle.

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