Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1649 by NovelsYou

As soon as her voice fell, her body fell unwillingly, her head hurts more and more, her eyes couldn’t see anything in front of her, she could only feel that the sun above her head was dazzling or light, and the other one was flying towards herself. Here comes the shadow.


This was the last sentence she heard before she lost consciousness. It was like a long time ago when he rushed over on the basketball court to help her block a basketball that was about to be attached to her head. She was eagerly nervous.

Gu ****’s brain went blank for a moment, Zhao Enuo, you said, but I’m going to torture me in this way? You are so mean. He rushed over and hugged her into his arms, he was very strong, as if he was going to rub her into his own bone marrow.

“What’s wrong with you!! You wake up, don’t go to sleep!” Gu **** watched as her lips were white, and there was sweat on her forehead. Her bangs were soaked in fine sweat. The rule is to stick to her head. superior. Since when, every time she appeared in front of her, she became embarrassed.

Gu **** picked her up, carefully put her in the co-pilot seat, stepped on the accelerator and rushed straight to the hospital. He puts his left hand on the steering wheel, and his right hand is holding her tightly.

He took this hand and said in the temple of pure white that he would grow old with her and never leave. Since the misunderstanding of the two people, every time they meet, he will inevitably have a big quarrel. He admits that work is an annoying thing. The unclear relationship between her and Ling Chen made him even more anxious, but thinking about it carefully, he also didn’t give her an opportunity to explain.

“Enoch, what do you do not want? After you wake up, I will listen to you. I promise I will not be angry or quarrel with you. I don’t blame you, we are good.”

Zhao Yinuo frowned because her eyebrows were loose. I don’t know if she heard Gu ****’s words. She only felt that she was in a blank tunnel. This tunnel was very long and long. No matter how hard she tried, it seemed to be forever. When she reached the end, there was fog all around her. She desperately stretched out her hand to get out of the fog, but the fog always thickened as she tossed, and gradually, she couldn’t even see the road in front of her.

In a daze, she felt that the person holding her was a hand, that hand was like a source of strength, and the steady flow of weakness was to bring warmth to her body. I could feel that the hand that was holding me was getting farther and farther, but there was no way to keep it, and she was the only one left. Poor and helpless.

Gu Forgot got out of the car and took her to the emergency room regardless of the strange eyes of the people around. Then I watched the pure white bed farther and farther away from me. The red door slowly closed in front of him, and he kept praying in his heart, hoping that everything would return to the way it was, and let everything start again.

“Do you have Zhao Enuo as the husband?”

“Yes, may I ask the doctor, how is her condition now?”

“What’s the big problem? Your wife’s anemia, coupled with her irregular diet and exhaustion, caused her to faint suddenly. Prescribe a few pills, eat on time in the future, eat more supplements, and go back and take care of it.” The doctor tore off a piece of paper from the prescription sign, “You go to the outpatient department to get the medicine according to this prescription, and just pay the fee.”

Gu **** stretched out his hand to take it, and finally stretched his eyebrows, “Okay, please trouble the doctor.”

The doctor smiled, “Don’t be too nervous, every woman is more or less anemic. When you go back, remember to tell her to rest well and not be too tired.”

Zhao Yinuo’s face improved slightly after taking a bottle of glucose. Gu **** sat beside her and held her hand tightly. Time went back to the first time they got together.

At that time, he had the main force on the basketball court. For an important game, he often had to train, so he discussed with Zhao Enuo that he would go to the basketball court first, and she went to the canteen to buy water and sports drinks, and other people were dating in the cinema. In natural parks, freshness is a forest trail, libraries and the like, they are good, and they run to the sports field every day.

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