Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1648 by NovelsYou

Shangguan Nana said, “I think that Gu **** is hostile to Ling Chen and has an attitude that has never happened in recent times.”

“You think, he is so sensible, how can he kill his favorite person with a stick when there is no evidence, and often people are spirited and get defeated. Usually, they encounter the last straw that crushes the camel.”

“There is the last straw to crush the camel…” Lynx murmured and repeated, “Maybe the boss has a grudge against Ling Chen, and he buried it a long time ago. This time, I don’t think I found out about Zhao Enuo and Ling Chen. Only if there is evidence of personal innocence, the boss will completely lose control.”

Shangguan Nana gave him a thumbs up, “That’s good, but you can teach you.”

“What can be done to get them back together?” The Bobcats squeezed her shoulders hard.

“Stupid, the most troublesome way is the simplest and the simplest way. Of course, I can find evidence that proves the innocence between Sister Enoch and that person.” Shangguan Nana stopped, turned her head and looked sadly. Lynx “only evidence… how easy it is to find.”

Uno Design Company.

Zhao Yinuo was carefully comparing two pieces of clothes with different styles, and carrying a pencil to paint a few strokes on the drawing. She draws so well that she thought of picking up the phone as soon as possible after the phone rang several times.

“Hello? Who? Sunny Sky Nursing Home? To my Gu Chenhao, I have a mother, what’s the matter…” Zhao Enuo had a pencil in his hand and still scribbled on the paper. “What? The child is a little bit lately My child has diarrhea? That’s all right, I’ll come over right away and bring some medicine to the child on the way. Okay, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Zhao Enuo put his mobile phone aside, lowered his head and continued to perfect the drawings.

She forgot how long it took. When she picked up the two drawings again and compared them, she finally nodded in satisfaction. Sometimes she slapped her head suddenly. By the way, she had to hurry to the Sunny Sky Sanatorium.

Zhao Enuo rushed to a nearby pharmacy, picked the best probiotics conditioning drugs and hurried to the nursing home.

In the scorching sun, her eyes turned black for a while, she shook her head, desperately tossed away the shadows in her eyes, panting heavily and supporting the gate frame of the nursing home.

Wearing a pink dress, a female nursing home teacher raised her voice, blaming Zhao Enuo, “You Gu Chenhao has a mother? Look, what time is this?”

“Yes… I’m sorry, what I really have is that the matter is not resolved…”

The female teacher is even more anxious. “You businessmen, can you just let go of things on your hands, money, money, how can you get the money out of your mind? The money that is important to the child is important!” See Zhao Yinuo After speaking, the female teacher’s voice eased a little, “Don’t always think that everything will be fine if you send your child to the nursing home. This time, the father of the child will come early, and I don’t know when the child will have to be taken…”

Zhao Yinuo looked up and saw a tall figure leaning against the bedroom door. He was still wearing work clothes, and apparently he rushed over from the company after putting down his work.

“If they didn’t call me at the same time, don’t you plan to let the sick You Chenhao wait for you till now?” Gu **** didn’t mean to give her a good face at all, so he was kind and questioning when he came up.

Zhao Yinuo said, “I am wrong when I am late. I apologize to Chen Hao.” Layers of sweat began to appear on her forehead, and there was a burst of darkness in front of her eyes.

“I really don’t know how you want to have it, the so-called dream, the so-called you want to do it, can all of this be built on top of Chen Hao in your heart? If you really think so, then you weren’t necessary at all. Give birth to him.” Gu **** stood up straight. “Since we choose to be parents, we must put him first in everything. Your attitude like this will only make me feel that you are not worthy of being a Chen Hao and having a mother.”

Zhao Enuo gritted his teeth and turned back to him, “Gu forget, do we have to fight when we are together? We didn’t do this before.”

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