Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1647 by NovelsYou

“Sister, do you want to buy a flower?”

Zhao Yinuo glanced at her and she took the rose and took out a five-yuan piece from her pocket, and handed it to the girl.

“I bought the flowers, but I don’t know who I should give them.” She said this without paying attention.

“Of course I gave it to you, someone.” The girl casually replied, but it looked like a clean piece of cloth, which brightened the window in her heart.

She loves from beginning to end, it’s always just the one person.

No matter how he misunderstood her and hurt her, he has her deep love to his bones, and it is because of people who love too much that they will be heartbroken because of the other party, distrust and understanding.

Zhao Yinuo smiled at her, “Thank you.” The delicate and beautiful, the fiery red rose enthusiasm, blooming to ignite everyone’s heart.

Ling Chen leaned on the back of the chair and looked up at the ceiling.

His eyes are tightly closed and long, and his eyelashes are thin like cicada wings. He has her repeatedly in his mind, and her voice echoes in his ears.

Ling Chen who knocked on the door came from the door, and he rubbed his temple and rubbed his temple.

“Yeah, what are you doing? What is the plan to implement, but it is unsuccessful?” The visitor poured himself a cup of tea and then got stuck on the leather sofa.

Ling Chen’s back to him was full of tiredness in his voice, “Whatever she has become, she still can’t let go of that Gu Forgotten.”

The man lit a cigarette and squinted his eyes with enjoyment, like “By the way, I heard that the surname Gu, who beat you up, do you want my brother to find someone to avenge you?”

Ling Chen turned around, “Needless to talk about Gu Forgotten, I have to thank him for the punches he greeted me that day.”

“Ling Chen’s you were stupid by him? Thanks to his brother. I want you to take care of him and give him a knife!”

Ling Chen frowned, “Shen Zhen’s work has to go through the mind. Everything has two sides. Some will bring you bad, and some will bring you unexpected.”

Shen Yan took another deep cigarette. “It doesn’t matter how they feel if you leave it to you? Isn’t it true that I can get it like this after two random tricks? I want to see what true love is the most. See how long they can last.”

“Don’t come to my place to smoke and put out the smoke in the future.” Ling Chen was very disgusted, and waved the blue smoke in the air with his hand.

Shen Yan talked with bad intentions and smiled, “Oh, now this time I return to the country, I see that woman is different. I used to be abroad. You were not like this at the time.”

Ling Chen picked up a file and started flipping through it, and it looked like “If you are done, you can go out and I will start to do research.”

“Hey, hey, yes, yes, of course. You think I came here to talk to you about the daytime?” Shen Zhen answered repeatedly, “If I don’t have much money on my body, you can fill up the vacancy as soon as possible.”

“I know you go out soon, I want to…”

Shen Yan interrupted, “Do research? Don’t pretend to do research in front of me…”

Ling Chen, who flew over with a blank eye, clasped her fists in both hands, “Come on, I’m leaving. Our unsuccessful revolution still needs to work hard for Ling Chen!”

Shangguan Nana knelt on the bed and rubbed her shoulders for the Bobcats. “You said that this child Chen Hao has never had his first birthday. Brother Gu **** and Sister Enoch are so quarrelsome.”

“It’s all my fault. If we told the boss earlier, maybe he wouldn’t be so hostile to Ling Chen.”

“Don’t blame your feelings. You are not sure about the matter. Do you really think that there are only two people, Gu **** and Enoch?”

The bobcat got up from the bed with a bone “What do you mean?”

Shangguan Nana sold a pass, “Why don’t you know the famous detective Bobcat, who asked me now, can’t you find it, something?”

“Oh my princess, just tell me, okay?” The Lynx walked around behind Shangguan Nana and squeezed her shoulder.

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