Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1646 by NovelsYou

Zhao Yinuo walked in, and his figure limped. Ling Chen couldn’t help but glanced at her, only to realize that she was wearing a pair of cotton slippers today with thick gauze wrapped around the back of her instep.

“What’s wrong with your feet?” Ling Chen stood up from the chair.

“What’s the matter? It’s just that I sent Chen Hao to the hospital yesterday. Sometimes I accidentally lost my shoes on the road…and then… I accidentally wore them out.” Zhao Enuo said.

Ling Chen’s expression became even more tense.

He came to support Zhao Enuo and held her to the door, and she was on the sofa, and the trousers were rolled up to examine her. Zhao Enuo was injured subconsciously and moved a bit.

“It’s not the first time I have helped you treat.” Ling Chen paid no attention to her, resisted and took the medical kit from her instead.

“I originally brought the medical box to help you bandage it, but you can see that your face is still green now…”

“It doesn’t matter whether I am a man or who cares about his face so much?”

Ling Chen disassembled Zhao Enuo’s feet, took out a medical cotton swab from the medical box and dipped it with alcohol on Zhao Enuo, and disinfected the wound.

It was hot, and Zhao Enuo twitched lightly from the wound, and Ling Chen raised his eyes with gentleness, his eyes were like warmth and the sun.

“Does it hurt? I just take it lightly and bear with it, so I don’t handle it properly. If I don’t do it, I will get an infection.”

Ling Chen spread the white powder evenly, sprinkled it on the wound, and then pulled off a piece of gauze to wrap the wound.

He moved very softly, for fear of hurting her, Zhao Enuo’s heart was even more mixed.

Many years ago, when she fell on the basketball court and was in a hurry, she rushed to the infirmary on her back. It was Gu Wangyou who gave her medicine, and it was also Gu Wangyou who always hated dog blood, but there are romantic sentences but now she has to believe it. The sentence “I love it the most, people hurt me the most”.

“I’ll also help you deal with the injuries on your face, okay?” Zhao Yinuo was only non-stop, and Ling Chen originally wanted to refuse, but Zhao Yinuo preemptively said, “Just as I am thanking you, otherwise I will feel I owe you a lot…”

Ling Chen still looked at her directly, his eyes were as deep as a pool of water, the stars seemed to pass through her, and his body touched her, soul.

When Zhao Enuo put his hand on Ling Chen’s face, his heart was itchy, as if ten thousand ants were scratching. In fact, he had been enduring it all the time.

Gu **** beat him, sometimes he felt that he was almost torn apart. Yes, when she was sitting next to him, she was careful to help him deal with bruises, and when she was sitting next to him, Ling Chen felt that everything was worth it.

Zhao Enuo set aside, and the breath radiated over Ling Chen, with the scorching heat on his neck, and the breath instantly ignited Ling Chen that can pretend to be tranquil anytime and anywhere, his heart.

He stretched out his hand to hold Zhao Enuo’s slender, with his wrist, thumb on her, and some of his palms came from her palms, and the temperature continued to pass to him. He was intoxicated by this temperature, lusted for her, and his breath was eager to see her eyes. He is reflected in the pupil.

Zhao Yinuo is pink, her lips are slightly open like two thin slices, cherry blossom petals have her, and her cheeks are stained with a blush on the ground, she is really like a very delicate, Barbie has it and he has it as far away from the glass Appreciate, child.

This world is so big that I only want you.

Ling Chen, her bracelet was snow white, her neck was more dangling, belonging to Ling Chen, Zhao Enuo reacted suddenly when the strange aura came on her face, and broke free from him, and stood up with a squeaky hand.

In this way, Zhao Enuo knew her actions too intimately, knew that she was a married woman, and knew how to face the person in front of her.

She brought the medical kit and walked out. There was her, why didn’t her heart beat so fast that she struggled repeatedly in her mind, but reason finally defeated sensibility.

Zhao Enuo told himself that you have to be more clear and sensible…

A girl holding a big bunch of flowers, there are about seventeen girls selling along the street, she looks pure and beautiful, she has a simple tie, and the braid is beautiful, like in the last century, the female student has a smile and is delicate, with arms stretched out. In front of Zhao Enuo.

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