Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1645 by NovelsYou

“You still have Enoch, first handle the things around you, and then come over to take care of Chen Hao.”

In the high-end ward, Xiao Chenhao was covered with a soft quilt, and fell asleep sweetly in the small hospital bed. There was a small rose on the head of the bed, and the fragrance of the rose when the rose bloomed was permeated. Zhao Yi Nuo just walked into the ward and saw this warm picture.

A lovely child has her angel and the best happiness in her life. She is willing to give everything to protect the happiness of the angel and give him the life he wants. And everything that has just passed makes her wonder whether her happiness can really last, and whether her love can still persist?

The child is not serious and can return to the previous state after a few days of rest.

Ling Chen sat on the edge of the bed with a slight smile at the corner of his mouth. Even though his face was hurt, he still did not lose his former demeanor.

He held the child’s hand in his hand, his fingers were long and white with distinct bones, and looked elegant but not slender. The child’s small, white and tender hands and Ling Chen’s big hands were very warm now, if anyone who didn’t know the truth came in at this moment. , May think that he is the father of the child.

“Recently, our hospital has newly built a children’s nursing home in the east of the city. Various facilities are complete. If you can close your eyes, you can put your baby there. It is more convenient to take care of you. Then you can still study in Europe. Noble’s work can be carried out normally.”

Zhao Enuo is still very hesitant. “If you leave the children to my parents-in-law to bring them, can you not have them? To some extent, the children have their families, they will bring them, and they will kiss them in the future. ”

Ling Chen sighed, “Enoch, you are still so innocent. Do you think it will be easy for you to see your children after experiencing the last time?”

Zhao Yinuo acquiesced to this statement. Soon she went to Gu Heng’s house and said frankly that the relationship between herself and Gu **** was getting worse. Before they reconcile, she hopes to be able to meet the two elderly people Reasonable negotiations, both sides take a step back.

Her Zhao Enuo promised not to take Chen Hao away at will, but as a mother of the child, they must also respect her wishes to send Xiao Chen Hao to the children’s nursing home, and a person is responsible for the management and education.

“I know that from now on, if Chen Hao lives in your old place again, it will be difficult for me to meet my children in the future, so I put forward this suggestion, which will not only benefit Chen Hao’s education and training, but also pay 10,000 yuan. For myself to be able to see my children anytime, anywhere.”

What Zhao Yinuo said in front of Gu Heng and his wife was very reasonable, and they had to agree to this suggestion that seemed cruel to the children.

Clear Sky Sanatorium.

A delicate and white pink ball was lying in the soft cloud-like quilt. He stretched out his limbs, like a newborn cat, and his bright eyes were like a stream of clean spring water.

The gentle wind swept across the edge of the window and was entangled by the bell of the wind.


The door of the house opened gently, and the man in suit and leather shoes pushed the door in. The wind greeted his arrival with a crisp ding-dong, as if the breeze was singing in the air with the wind chime.

He sat next to the pink ball, watching him waving his little hand and babbling and yelling, his heart seemed to be stuck with a pink ball.

He put his hands under the child’s armpits, and there was joy between his eyebrows. When the child saw him smiling, he also laughed. After being lifted up by him, he felt more enjoyable, and his fleshy calves swayed in the air. .

“Chen Hao, call him father, okay?”


“Please come in.”

“Enoch? Why are you here?”

Holding a medical toolbox in his hand, Zhao Yinuo said apologetically, “I apologized for Gu Forgotten about what happened in the hospital last time. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Enoch, you have something to say, Gu **** has Gu ****, you have you, you don’t have to apologize for him, to be honest, I fully understand Gu ****’s feelings, I don’t care about his impulse, so I won’t Angry with him.”

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