Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1644 by NovelsYou

“There is a hospital here who wants to quarrel and go home. Do you think that there is a vegetable market here?” There are already children on this floor. Many children crying from the ward were heard from the ward. The onlookers that came out were that the medical staff began to express their dissatisfaction, and even threatened to call the police.

Gu’s mother stepped forward and said, “My son and daughter-in-law who are really sorry for everyone have coaxed their conflicts and go back. They must teach them well not to get angry and get rid of it.”

Father Gu also went up to help Ling Chen and reprimanded Gu **** in a low voice, “What do you do, what can’t you say, why did you start to deal with other doctors!”

“This person has the weasel’s greetings to the rooster for New Year’s greetings. What kind of good intentions, on the surface, has a set of secrets behind it, and he still can’t figure out how to sneak.” Gu **** retorted.

He bent down and picked up the dark and deep pair of medical records on the ground. His eyes were looking at Zhao Enuo.

At that time, it was in the depths of Zhao Enuo’s eyes that she couldn’t understand anything and it seemed to be filled with disappointment and melancholy for her.

Zhao Enuo, who took the medical record and went to the outpatient department to get the medicine, said in a low voice to Ling Chen, “I’m sorry.”

Although these three words were not enough to make up for Gu ****’s personal injury to Ling Chen, Zhao Enuo still wanted to say.

“No, you are a matter.” Ling Chen replied lightly.

Lynx and Shangguan Nana came to visit Enoch with a fruit basket, Zhao Yinuo and Chen Hao saw that Shangguan Nana, who was paying for the medicine in the outpatient department, was Gu Forgotten, so she motioned to Lynx to go and take a look.

The bobcat saw that Gu **** rolled up his sleeves and followed him with his sleeves. He saw that his knuckles were on the back of his hand, and there were many red marks.

With Bobcat’s experience, he knew that Gu **** had a fight with other people.

“Boss, what’s wrong with your hand, who did you beat?”

In the past, it was time for him to know that Gu **** was already able to fight. Now that he had a hand injury like this, the person who was hurt by him must have been injured.

Shangguan Nana’s mouth twitched, “Should… there won’t be Enoch…”

Lynx glanced at her for paying the fee, Gu **** also looked at her and sneered, “I still don’t beat him up.”

“The Bobcat’s, you took this medicine to the 16th room on the third floor and I won’t go there.”

Lynx took the medicine from him. “What’s the matter, the boss can’t come and see Xiao Chenhao?”

Gu Wangxin said why he didn’t want to! Only then can Zhao Yinuo’s heartache be cut by a knife.

But after thinking about it, it was clear that Zhao Yinuo was in trouble. Gu ****, who couldn’t pull this face down, turned around and left.

“Wait a minute!” Zhao Yinuo’s clear voice came from behind. “Do you think the hospital is a wrestling ground and others are treated as a gas bag? Now you turn around. It seems too irresponsible to leave.”

There was a sneer in Gu ****’s heart, “Zhao Enuo, who caused the problem with Zhao Enuo, do you know in your own heart? You don’t think about yourself first, but instead blindly accuse me.”

Zhao Enuo sternly said, “No matter who is the problem, if you hit someone, you will damage the hospital. It is the order and you are wrong. You are so-called theoretical, but it is a fallacy to have you alone to excuse yourself!”

Gu Heng and his wife first came up to persuade them to make peace.

“Okay, it’s okay, it’s two people. It’s not shameful to coax in the hospital. Even if you don’t want your own, you should think about it for your children…”

“You are a child who needs to rest. It’s better to stay in the hospital first and arrange for two people to come and watch the child.” On the side, the doctor also helped to speak up.

Gu Heng shook his head helplessly, “How can you two be embarrassed to be parents, even if you are immature in your mind, you will talk about raising children in the future.”

He stretched his arm around and cried to the side of his wife, “Gu Forgotten, you will return to me first, and wait until you are emotionally stable and no longer lose your temper!”

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