Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1643 by NovelsYou

“Chen Hao, grandma’s Xiao Chenhao, why is she sick like this? I feel so sorry for grandma.”

The father Gu on the side also had a distressed face. Suddenly he raised his voice and angered Zhao Yinuo, “What’s the matter with you, can you take the child away by arguing with Gu ****! Yes, you have a mother with a child, you He took us away without any opinion. The question is that you took him away without hiding it from me and your mother. Is it fair to say!”

Gu’s mother echoed: “Since Da Chenhao was born, our husband and I have been taking good care of him, and the child has not suffered from any disease. Why would you take him away? It only took less than two days to make this. Looks like?”

Since Zhao Yinuo married Gu ****, the Gu family’s parents have always liked her very much. It was the first time that Zhao Yinuo was scolded like this with a straight face.

Gu’s mother turned to Ling Chen, “Doctor, how is my grandson, what’s the matter with him?”

Ling Chen said gently, “Don’t worry, the old man, there is nothing wrong with the child. It is because of Miss Zhao who took care of the child through the night to recover so quickly. If you are worried, I will ask you to open it again. What hurts it? Medicine, this combination will help the child recover faster.”

“Well, thank you for your trouble, your last name, I will definitely pay more after I go back.” Gu’s father said.

“My surname is Ling, so I don’t have to pay for it. Miss Zhao has a good friend of mine. She is in difficulty, and I should be able to help.”

Ling Chen took Gu Chenhao’s medical record and walked out. Before leaving, he threw an encouraging look at Zhao Enuo. After seeing Zhao Enuo finally bowed his head and frustrated expression, he left with peace of mind.

Gu **** kept inquiring about Chen Hao’s ward in the corridor. Before waiting for the elevator, he quickly walked up the stairs to the third floor and rushed to Chen Hao’s ward.

Ling Chen was coming out of the ward with the medical record sheet, and when he raised his eyebrows, he just hit Gu **** who was rushing over.

Gu **** was stunned when he saw him. For a long time, he didn’t react, and Ling Chen took the initiative to ask him to say hello to him, “Mr. Gu, your wife is inside.”

It’s better not to say this.When I said it, the string called reason in Gu ****’s heart was torn off by Shengsheng. Fist greeted up.

“You *******! You don’t need to tell me if she’s in there, just put away your polite appearance for me!”

Ling Chen’s white face soon showed red marks, and the corners of his mouth were slightly oozing blood. The medical record sheet in his hand was thrown to the ground. Gu Forgot to look at it, and the three characters “Gu Chenhao” on it were clearly visible. Even harder, his hard fists kept punching Ling Chen in the face.

The huge movement outside the door shocked the three people in the room, and Zhao Enuo reacted first, and he saw such a terrible scene when he opened the door.

“Gu ****! Stop it! Stop it!”

Zhao Yinuo rushed up alone, trying to pull Gu **** away from Ling Chen, but Gu ****’s strength was too great, and her strength was not enough to control him.

Instead, Zhao Enuo stepped forward and pulled the frame, which angered Gu **** even more. His anger became more intense, and Zhao Enuo who was pulling his arm was thrown away from him in one fell swoop.

Zhao Enuo was bounced away with a violent force. At this time, the hospital staff began to fight, and the younger female nurse stood aside and talked gossip.

When Ling Chen was lifted up from the ground, his face was already blue and purple, and his arms seemed unable to lift up.

Zhao Yinuo stood in front of Ling Chen and shouted at Gu ****, “Why did you start beating people indiscriminately? You don’t know how much Ling Chen helped me this time!”

Gu **** had disdain in his eyes, “Helping? I saw him being courteous and thievery. What the **** did he say to you, are you helping him like this in front of me?”

Zhao Enuo is no longer polite, “Don’t think everyone is as nasty as you. Although Zhao Enuo is not good, I am not as unbearable as you think!”

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