Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1642 by NovelsYou

When Ling Chen smiled at her, he touched her head, “Why are friends who say I’m sorry for being so polite? Isn’t it that I’m the one if you have something to do?”

After Ling Chen comforted her, he made a phone call and soon he contacted a doctor in the children’s department. According to Ling Chen, he is an expert in the treatment of common pediatric diseases.

And that Dr. Zheng heard that Zhao Enuo is currently alone with the child, and he was very kind and gave Chen Hao a big discount on the treatment fee, which made Zhao Enuo very touched.

Fortunately, Chen Hao did not have any serious problems, although the high fever continued, but fortunately, after timely treatment, it has stopped.

Zhao Yinuo was sitting in front of Chen Hao Xiaoyou’s hospital bed in case the child’s movement affected him with a needle on his forehead.

Ling Chen holding a peeled apple in his hand, Zhao Enuo watched him come in and quickly moved in a chair Ling Chen handed her the apple, but she shook her head and refused.

Ling Chen smiled and said, “People give me a beautiful fruit basket, don’t you think I’m shabby if you give you an apple?”

Zhao Enuo shook his head and heard Ling Chen say like a rattle, “You don’t want to eat at night, eat an apple, and quickly add some vitamins. I’m really worried about how your body can stand it? If you are exhausted But there is really no one to take care of your son.”

He said that Zhao Enuo, who was reasonable, could not refuse and stretched out his hand to take the Apple. Ling Chen then asked her, “Does Gu **** know that the right child is sick and something is wrong?”

Zhao Yinuo was stunned for a moment and then shook his head, “It was because I quarreled with him that I accidentally ignored the child.”

Ling Chen helped Chen Hao to move the small hand while persuading her, “Husband and wife quarrel is inevitable, no, there is an old saying that there are good couples who quarrel at the head of the bed and the teeth and tongue have been together for a long time. The teeth will bite the tongue accidentally.”

Zhao Yinuo, who was speaking, sighed, “It’s not easy to work hard in Gu ****’s mall, and troubles are also normal. So even if he says something to you, you don’t care about it. After all, you still Young people have a long way to go in the future.”

Is it long? During this period of entanglement and quarrel, Zhao Enuo felt that her marriage with Gu Wangyou seemed to be coming to an end soon.

During this period of bitter grievances, anger and pain, she has almost tasted the marriage he had never imagined is so complicated and complicated.

Ling Chen, who said nothing, took care of Chen Hao’s wholeheartedly, but the sweetness and taste of Zhao Yinuo’s head down while biting the apple was bitter to her.

On the one hand, there was a lynx and couldn’t help but two old people from Gu’s family were begging to be transferred there, monitored carefully, and finally locked in Ren’ai Hospital and told the two old people about the place.

When the old man heard the term hospital, his heart was even more anxious, and both Enoch and Chenhao were anxious that either of them was sick.

So as soon as they heard Bobcat saying this, they immediately drove to the Ren’ai Hospital. Regardless of whether Zhao Enuo was arguing with Gu **** at the moment, he immediately sent a text message to Gu **** and told him that Zhao Enuo was in the hospital now.

Shangguan Nana ordered flowers and fruits and planned to go to Ren’ai Hospital with Bobcat.

As soon as Gu **** finished a meeting, he received a call from his parents telling him that he has a wife and he is in the hospital.

The whole heart seemed to be hanging in the air along the way, constantly comforting himself, telling himself that Enoch must have something wrong, nor would Chen Hao, who had something to do with it.

He comforted himself in this way, but he was anxious and deliberate, and he was speeding along the road quietly without even ignoring several red lights.

The car whistling in his ears made him more upset and uneasy.

“Enoch! Enoch!!” Gu’s mother cried, and Chen Hao, who rushed in from the door and went straight to the hospital bed, closed her eyes tightly. There was a cry in the past.

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