Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1641 by NovelsYou

Zhao Enuo touched the child. Her forehead was hot and the temperature passed over her like a flame. She had the back of her hand. Zhao Enuo was in a hurry to hold the child and ran out.

She has high-heeled shoes accidentally stuck in the manhole cover during running. There is a gap in the manhole cover. She has struggled for several times. She can’t pull the shoes out of the manhole cover. But she has Chen Hao in her arms and closed her eyes. It is Zhao Enuo who simply lost it. I took the shoes and went straight to the hospital.

Chen Hao was hugged by the doctor soon. Zhao Enuo walked to the outpatient department alone to pay her fees. She walked very dumb along the way.

She really wants to slap herself severely. How can she take care of Chen Hao with such carelessness? Does she want to give him wealth and a life? It’s simply a fantasy.

I hope Chen Hao can be safe and sound is what he wants. What happened to her, Zhao Enuo, face to see Gu ****’s parents? Even Gu **** didn’t have her, so she went to see her face.

She was thinking that she didn’t realize that until she had an arm when someone held her, her eyes widened and she was looking at this person in front of her.

The visitor was wearing a white coat and he pulled his hand from his coat and pocket, took off the mask, and on one side was a Zhong Lingyuxiu with a face, and he appeared in front of her like this.

She said blankly, “Ling Chen?”

“Enoch? What’s the matter with you?” Ling Chen looked at her dull and looked like he immediately stepped forward and clasped her shoulders and asked if Zhao Enuo still said nothing.

When Ling Chen saw her ignoring him, he looked at the crowd around her and walked towards the corner while holding her with a hand.

“What’s wrong with you Enoch? I saw you alone all the way down, and you walked here to call you and you didn’t agree. What happened? Gu Forgotten? What happened between you?” Ling Chen almost worried. Engraved all on the face.

Zhao Enuo smiled bitterly.

What’s up with her? She can’t tell Ling Chen that it is because you are my husband and I who caused the relationship between husband and wife to affect the child, right?

But she is also reasonable. Some people know that even if the anger is unreasonable, they will not deliberately treat someone who has saved them as their own bad emotions.

After thinking about it for a long time, I didn’t think that there was a good reason for Zhao Enuo to respond directly with silence. Ling Chen talked about himself.

“I did not have research abroad before. The end is that the research team needs to have brain medical data from various hospitals so that we can investigate the susceptibility of brain diseases in recent years. You see, I just took it from the brain department. The file just happened to see you here.” He said that he raised a piece of kraft paper with something wrapped in it.

Zhao Yinuo shook her head. She looked at Ling Chen and had eyes that were as full of concern as he was to comfort her when he treated her abroad many years ago.

I thought of the many quarrels with Gu **** over the past night, but I couldn’t help it last night because she pretended to be strong in her heart. Keep slipping from the eye sockets.

Ling Chen didn’t know her for a long time, and seeing her like this was a moment when he was at a loss and comforted her awkwardly while taking out the toilet paper from the white coat.

“Enoch is you, don’t cry. I was seen by others and thought I was bullying you? What happened is that you told me that we can solve it together.”

“I was negligent last night, but it hurt the child miserably. I left him alone in the hut. He had a fever last night. It is true that I just sent him to the hospital just now. It’s sad that I’m so negligent. How can I take care of my child? How can I give him a good life?”

Ling Chen was very conscious, so he helped her wipe the tears and handed the toilet paper over and said softly, “Anyone, negligence is sometimes it doesn’t matter, but since it happened, it’s certain, and there are solutions. I’m doing research here. It’s not bad to have a relationship with the doctors. I’ll take you to find the child. The attending physician will work out a treatment method that suits the child based on the child’s condition. Don’t worry.”

Zhao Yinuo sobbed in a low voice, full of apologetics. He said, “I’m sorry that I lost my mind in front of you. I trouble you to bother.”

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