Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1640 by NovelsYou

When Gu **** walked behind Enoch, when he was Zhao Enoch, who put his hands on her shoulders, he recovered his thoughts for a long time and finally said, “Do you still believe me?”

However, she was still waiting for Gu **** to answer, but she said to herself, “I will take Chen Hao out these days. Yes, he is young and needs me. I will stay by his side and watch him grow up. ”

After hearing this, Gu **** squeezed Zhao Enuo’s shoulders. He had nails embedded in her. She was snow-white and skin. She was pinched and painful, but he didn’t say a word.

Gu **** yelled, “Chen Hao needs you? Then you mean, he doesn’t need my dad, no! You, no, why do you want to leave me so high-sounding! I see you and planned long ago I’m so good to go back to Ling Chen and want to take away Chen Hao, what I told you, don’t even think about it!”

The quarrels over the past few days have made Zhao Enuo no longer want to do unnecessary explanations. Since he said that he would not believe it, there is no need to explain again.

“Since you think so, let’s just be like this. I don’t want to quarrel with you. I’m very tired.”

In Gu ****’s heart, I hope that Zhao Yinuo’s righteous words are to refute what he told him that there is nothing between her and Ling Chen at this moment, because she is calm, she doesn’t matter, letting her already burned with anger is Gu **** completely lost. Sane.

He was rude because he dragged her over and threw her on the bed. He felt that he had lost his mind. He wanted to possess her. Only under him can he feel at ease.

“Ah, don’t forget your *******!” Zhao Enuo was struggling as if, in the process of enduring what kind of insult, he could not think that this was the case.

“You finally said that you, the woman, are you so impatient to leave me?” Gu **** snorted coldly, “The normal relationship between us is nothing but a relationship!”

Zhao Yinuo resisted looking weak and feeble in front of Gu ****, so he wanted to resist and welcome it, but it was even more stimulating that Gu **** was crazy, and he wanted to possess her.

“You, I’m my wife and I do this kind of thing, should I?” He held Zhao Enuo with one hand, the legs of both hands pressed on her, and she was fixed on her legs. She had no way to struggle. With the other hand, she solved the bow knot on her strapless dress.

Zhao Enuo could only be at his mercy, she first thought he was so terrible.

Through the light outside the window, he could clearly see that she was tender and white. Her big fingertips crossed the snow white and she was twin peaks. It seemed that Chen Hao became more upright after giving birth. His throat was full of ambiguity and moaning, letting himself fall into it. In madness.

Zhao Yinuo let him be at the mercy of a familiar and unfamiliar feeling. The pain came from her body like being pierced for life. She screamed in Gu ****, but it stimulated him even more.

She suddenly opened her eyes and closed her eyes, “I hate you for Gu forgotten.” Tears flowed down the path and couldn’t explain clearly, because the pain is still there, don’t be.

When the morning is the first ray of sunlight through the bedroom, the floor-to-ceiling windows are thrown onto the tulip, the sheets are full of tulips, Zhao Yinuo wakes up from his sleep, vaguely can feel that Gu Forgotten is a finger across her cheek, can feel that he is love and pity And pampered.

However, there was no one beside her. She opened the quilt and the lower body was painful, reminding her that what happened last night was everything. She didn’t want to think that Gu Wanghui was so strong that she wanted her.

In her heart, although he is domineering and strong, he always treats her, and he is based on her will. Now Zhao Enuo can’t think of Gu forgotten, she was surprised in her heart after combing a few clothes and ran out carrying her bag. .

Chen Hao! !

She originally came out of the rented place, and wanted to talk to Gu ****. If the negotiation fails, she will take Chen Hao to live a good life, but she did not expect Gu **** to be crazy, so she left Chen Hao alone. In the house.

“Chen Hao?!” Zhao Yinuo ran over to Chen Hao’s bed with pain in his upper and lower body.

The child’s face was flushed, she gently patted the side of his face and kept calling him his name, but Chen Hao was still asleep.

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