Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1639 by NovelsYou

“It’s okay, don’t quarrel, it makes me have a headache. Did Enoch get through?”

Mother Gu was so anxious that she was about to cry, “It’s so awkward, there was no one to answer just now, and it’s all turned off now!”

Father Gu’s eyebrows tightened, and suddenly he reacted, “Lynx! Call the Lynx!”

Shangguan Nana patted the Bobcats with shoulders. “There is nothing to do. I believe that as long as you truly love each other, no matter what the difficulties are, you will definitely get through it.”

There was peace between the two and was smashed by a phone ring. The Bobcat took the phone in front of her, and the two looked at each other, and then pressed the answer button “Hello, is it Uncle Gu?”

“Lynx, you are currently with Gu ****? Do you know where they two took the baby?”

When the Lynx heard this, his whole heart hung up, “I’m not with the boss, what’s the matter, what’s the matter?!”

A mother Gu snatched the phone and said, “Zhao Enuo didn’t know where he took Chen Hao. Did she and Gu **** quarrel? Why didn’t she bring her child back? Will there be something out there? What’s the matter?”

Bobcat remembered that those wicked men threatened in front of Zhao Enuo with abominations. He also knew that there were many competitors in the industry, and there were countless people who wanted to destroy their relationship. Na swallowed nervously.

“Don’t worry about it, don’t worry, I will definitely dispatch the station to mobilize the power, and I will definitely bring the child back safely for you!”

Bobcat said this, and he did it. He contacted police officers in the police department’s spare time and called out the surveillance video in the villa area on the day. Up here.

Lynx followed Zhao Enuo’s whereabouts that day, and all the way out of the street surveillance, finally locked Zhao Enuo’s place of residence.

When he was about to come home with Shangguan Nana and wanted to persuade Zhao Enuo to go home, he suddenly received a call from Gu ****.

Gu **** told him on the phone that Zhao Enuo had returned and asked him to immediately stop following Zhao Enuo’s whereabouts. Both Bobcat and Shangguan Nana were at a loss.

If the investigation is stopped, does it mean that the misunderstanding between the two people has been resolved? If the misunderstanding is resolved, then why does Zhao Enuo still come back with Gu Chenhao?

Sometimes, Zhao Enuo thinks a lot about being alone.

She also wondered if there was a relationship between her and Gu ****. Is it hard to continue? But think about it, I have encountered so many things and problems that have come together.

I thought that life will get better and better, but Gu ****’s behaviors have made Zhao Enuo heartache again and again. Now it is just a sentence from the Bobcats that can deny their previous feelings.

She knew that he and the Bobcat were a life-and-death acquaintance, but she didn’t know when the trust between her and Gu **** became so fragile.

Zhao Enuo sat beside the window sill in the room, staring out the window in a daze. Even Gu Forgot came back and couldn’t hear the sound. The city was still dimly lit at night, but the coaxing city didn’t show up to the big house in the slightest.

This quiet atmosphere made Gu **** think that Zhao Enuo was not at home. He looked at the crowds and suddenly became angry. When he was about to call her, he saw Zhao Enuo in the room in a daze.

Seeing such a pale face and a slender figure with Zhao Enuo, he suddenly felt pain.

These days, he often thinks of her in the middle of the night, is he wondering if he really has a misunderstanding? He could see exhaustion and sorrow on her face, thick and thick like a dark cloud, covering her past look so tightly.

Recently, there have been many things in the company, and it may be because of my emotional control. You should not just hear the wind and rain outside and judge the whole thing. I still remember how many years ago I secretly thought about spoiling her in the sky in the future, but I was finished. Empress Hao, how could they stay with them?

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