Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1638 by NovelsYou

Blue, the smoke spit out of his mouth is filled in the air. It is he who is leaning on Erlang’s legs and is leisurely, like he is beside him, the phonograph is glowing with the years, and the color is constantly rotating and playing a Russian, classical music “Red Plum open”.

“Ling Chen is why you have to expand this message so much.” He flicked off the soot lightly and said, “Brother, I’m not there, I’m blowing you, but you really have the ability to even Gu **** and Bobcat are surrounded by you. NS.”

Ling Chen, the corner of his mouth rose because he took a sip of the green tea on the table. The green tea continued to listen to the man, saying, “Ling Chen did you say why you have to spend so much time, maybe it’s been so many years, you still don’t take it. That woman let it go.”

“What does it mean to be her? But the unbearable weight in my life is to put her down. Why did I fly back here from abroad?”

The man dumped his cigarette ****. “Being a brother, I can tell you that it is Zhao. Not only was he married, but she also gave birth to children. You are not short of money, but you have a university professor at a young age. He is well-known in the medical field. Why does the bachelor have to hang her from a tree?”

Ling Chen drank the tea at hand.

“You are still too young to be a favorite of a person in this life. It is not easy for a person to chase a liking. For a person, chances are even more difficult.”

“Why are you planning to separate the two of them?” The man raised his eyebrows. “Take a 10,000 step back and say that even if you leave the two of them away, this child is indisputable, it’s true. Are you so magnanimous enough to accompany that woman to raise children for others?”

Ling Chen didn’t reply to him, but listened to him and laughed.

“The Lynx is your drink. Don’t sit there alone.” Shangguan Nana was slender, holding a glass in her hand, standing timidly behind the Lynx.

Bobcat, with fluffy and messy hair, has seen him helpless since she knew him until now.

“The Lynx is what you say, is it you? I am very worried…” Seeing that the Lynx ignored her, Shangguan Nana stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder.

“Nana is that we shouldn’t hide from the boss, but he chose this stupid way, knowing that this kind of thing is impossible to hide. Do you know? The boss was disappointed by the look in my eyes this morning. After the two survived from the army, the boss has always trusted me so much, but this time he is really desperate.”

Shangguan Nana also has a full face. The guilt is that if she hadn’t had her back then, the hesitation is now that Gu **** and Bobcat would not make the relationship so stiff.

The only one in her heart, the doubt is that, according to Zhao Enuo’s, her character is how can she make such a misunderstanding is to make Gu **** furious, what about it?

Shangguan Nana stretched out her hand to hold the bobcat on the bobcat, her breath was very different from the sunshine when she first saw him, and the bobcat was also full of sadness for her.

The two of them also just got married and didn’t expect to encounter the problem so soon. Even though they were around, their friends encountered an emotional crisis, but they had a relationship with each other.

“…I’m sorry, the master is a wife, but a young grandma came here because she said she was going to take the young master out to sunbathe because she has a young master, and the madam is because I think she has nothing wrong with taking a child…” The babysitter stood timidly. In front of them.

Gu’s mother was sweating profusely. “There is no answer on the phone, but there is no problem with her taking the child. Why can’t I bring it back when I take it out?”

Gu’s father also took his mobile phone and made a call to Gu ****’s company. Only the phone line was always busy. He had always had a good temper, and Gu’s father was anxious.

He rolled up his sleeves and threw the phone to the sofa “I don’t know what I’ve been up to all day long, I don’t care about my son!”

“Do you think he would quarrel with Enoch is that Enoch took the child away when he was angry?” Mother Gu frowned and tugged him twice, with a sad expression on his clothes. “You said Enoch. If you take Chen Hao away and don’t let us see, what should we do? It’s Chen Hao that has our Gu family, son!”

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