Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1637 by NovelsYou

“How do you want me to believe that you have you and Ling Chen’s private club have been seen by Bobcat! He has been telling me the truth in order not to embarrass you and me!”

“You just want to finish your studies in college. Actually, when you get along with Ling Chen at school, why didn’t you tell me that you had dinner together that day, he? Why didn’t you tell me that he also went to college with him! You really don’t know why so many people gossiping behind your back! Zhao Enuo has you to talk about! You can explain it to me!”

From a person who is not and another person is the road of love, it will go smoothly. There is a painful image on the knee. It is ironic that Zhao Enuo has told her to see it. It’s also like, ruthlessly warn her that all of these are not, you are a nightmare, that all of these are all, really.

Zhao Yinuo squeezed the corner of his clothes, relied on his heart, was a little sense of security, and had no expression on his face. He said, “You already have the answer, why did you come to ask me.”

Gu Wanggu laughed. There was a laughter like a knife, deeply pierced between two hearts, and his eyes were flushed a long time ago.

“Gu forget that after we reconcile, I never thought that we would go to this step because of the misunderstanding of what we have encountered in my cognition? We have experienced so much together. Wind and waves are possible. I am wrong. We are not. The same body and the heart are more convinced than I have you, yourself.”

Zhao Enuo gritted his teeth and held it on the side. The chair stood up and some tears fell from his eyes. She was pursing her lips. “Let’s calm down. Let’s just… separate.”

She didn’t even know how to get out of that room one day.

The pain is like a tree that extends from the heart, the seeds sprouting quickly and spreading to the whole body, and every corner is so painful and painful that you can’t control yourself.

When the matter reached Gu’s father and Gu’s mother, it was time for her to go there. There was a trip to the house. There was a babysitter taking care of Chenhao when the two elderly people were not at home.

When the nanny saw her here, she greeted her warmly to see Chen Hao and Zhao Yinuo approached carefully.

Originally being quiet in the nanny’s arms, the child suddenly started crying when she had it in her arms. It was not only a moment to make her frantic. At that time, she realized that she hadn’t seen Chen Hao for a long time.

She, he is a mother, but for such a child, there is her, but it makes him feel strange and afraid of existence, which makes her feel sad.

She learned how the nanny hugged him. Chen Hao was very good, she cried and coaxed for a while, she calmed down in her arms, maybe this, the mother and the child are eloquent, after all, Chen Hao, in her body Existing for ten months is cute and little life.

The little guy grew up quickly remembering that the last time I hugged him, it was a lot lighter than it is now, and there was a pink face, a cute face blooming in her arms, and a smile.

Just, this laugh made Zhao Enuo make a decision that she would raise Chen Hao personally, and she would take him away.

If Gu **** has always misunderstood that she has the marriage between them, she has to work hard to get Chen Hao’s custody.

“I want to take Chen Hao out to bask in the sun.” Zhao Enuo said.

The babysitter did not dare to refute that there is her. The child is because the mother wants to take the child out to play, and there is only one person who refuses to take the child out. The young master will come back, otherwise the old lady will be worried.”

Zhao Yinuo wrapped Chen Hao as a small quilt, carefully placed his hands behind his small neck, and dragged him carefully, and let him rest on his arm.

She didn’t know why it was like this. It felt that she was very fortunate that the two old men were not there. She was given this opportunity to bring Chen Hao out. It seems that if she doesn’t come here today, she won’t see Chen Hao as a chance. Same.

Gu **** and Lynx didn’t know it was. One day when they were arguing in the office, they had a pair of ears on the door, and they could hear their conversation clearly. At this moment, there was that ear that the owner was sitting on the leather. Lit a cigarette on the sofa incomparably comfortable.

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